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Commenting on other people's development proposals

Relevant Issues For Comment

Informing The Public

The service the Borough Council gives you if you might be affected by a development proposal is just as important as the service you receive when you apply for planning permission.

The Council:

  • gives publicity to all development proposals it receives in accordance with a scheme published in the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). This document can also be viewed at the Town Hall;
  • takes any relevant comments you make into account when deciding whether to grant planning permission.

Making Your Comments

There is often some confusion about what the Council can take into account when it considers comments on development proposals. It is important to realise that the Council cannot reject a proposal simply because a lot of people are against it.

The Council can only consider comments which are relevant to land use planning issues such as:

  • Problems with traffic and parking if the development went ahead
  • The effect a development might have on the environment
  • The effect a proposal might have on the appearance of the surrounding area
  • The effect a development might have on the amenities of neighbouring properties such as overlooking and loss of privacy; incompatible location, design or mass; the existing use of land and buildings
  • Government planning guidance and local planning policies adopted by the Council for Development Control purposes

Non Planning Issues

The following issues sometimes come up, but they are not planning issues so the Council cannot normally take them into account:

  • The effect the development might have on property values
  • The personal circumstances or character of the applicant
  • 'Moral' issues related to the proposal
  • The argument that demand for a particular facility is already met in the area

The key question for the planning system is whether a development proposal would be acceptable in land use and environmental terms. The sale of things that might be socially or morally sensitive is not generally an issue for the planning system. Such matters are controlled by other legislation.

How To Comment

Comments on development proposals can be made online using Public Access and they can also be made in writing to:

Head of Development Management,
Town Hall, High Street,
Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1EB.

Please note anonymous representations cannot be taken into account. If you wish to comment on a proposed development and are unsure of the relevant planning issues please contact the planning officer dealing with the application within the Council's Development Management Section at the earliest opportunity or contact the Planning Business Support on (023) 9254 5462.

What Happens To Your Comments

  • Any person making an objection to a development proposal will have their comments brought to the attention of Councillors but the application will not necessarily be considered by the Regulatory Board. (Anonymous representations cannot be taken into account).
  • Members of the public wishing to make representation in respect of an application should be aware that by virtue of the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985, all letters are liable to be made available to the public for inspection if so required. They will be displayed on Gosport Borough Council's website with the telephone numbers and signature deleted.

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