Council launches public consultation on its ten year economic blueprint

Gosport Economic Development Strategy 2020-2031

The Gosport Economic Development Strategy 2021-2031

Gosport Borough Council is currently formulating its Gosport Economic Development Strategy 2021-2031.  This important blueprint will provide the framework for future growth and the diversification of the town's economy.

A review of existing reports and economic data has resulted in the development of an Economic Evidence Base (Icon for pdf Gosport Economic Development Strategy 2020-2031 Evidence Base [1.18MB]) and a stakeholder consultation exercise has already been undertaken to help shape the proposed key themes and recommendations (a full list of the consultees is included in the Evidence Base). 

This initial work has led to the production of the Draft Gosport Economic Development Strategy 2021-2031 (Icon for pdf Gosport Economic Development Strategy 2020-2031 Draft Version [730.69KB]), which the council now wishes to consult on more widely. 

Its findings are that Gosport has:

  • A very constrained urban form for both employment land and housing.
  • Considerable opportunities presented by the sites owned by the MOD in the area, but these have been slow to progress.
  • Significant strengths in marine, maritime, engineering and defence.
  • An outstanding waterfront which is not maximised.
  • Local business growth but this has been stymied by the shortage of commercial premises.
  • Low median gross workplace and decreasing levels of resident earnings.

As a result the following key themes are proposed with related recommended actions for the short-term (1-2 years); medium term (3-5 years) and long-term (beyond 5 years):

  1. Increasing Job Density & Creating Diverse Employment Opportunities.
  2. Strengthening the Marine, Maritime & Defence Industries.
  3. Employment Land - MOD.
  4. Commercial Property.
  5. Town Centre & High Street.
  6. Tourism & Capitalising on Gosport's Waterfront.
  7. Skills Development.
  8. A Changing Demographic.
  9. Access.
  10. Organisational structure & resources.
  11. Building a strong narrative to government.

The Council now wants to extend the consultation further, so as to widen the input into completing the final version of the strategy and to help ensure as many local needs as possible are addressed.

How to have your say

If you are interested in participating in this consultation exercise for the strategy, please review the two documents above and then complete the short survey via:

Gosport Borough Council is committed to equal opportunities for all and therefore versions of the documents and the survey are also available in standard/large print, on tape, in braille, or in other languages.  To request one of these alternative versions to be posted to you please contact the Council via 023 9258 4242 or    

In order for your views to be taken into account, please complete the survey, or alternatively email your thoughts to by 12 noon on Monday 2nd November 2020.