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Help is at hand if you are struggling to heat your home, generate hot water and power for your needs. Most energy suppliers have a fund to help, so it's worth talking to them about an affordable payment plan or grants to help. Other sources of support to save money, keep cosy and keep costs down are found here.

The British Gas Energy Trust

The Trust is an independent charity that can help no matter who your energy supplier is. It has two different grants to clear gas and electricity debts up to £1,500- one is for British Gas Customers and the other is for customers of other energy suppliers. Find out who's eligible and how to apply via the website.

British Gas Energy Trust

0121 3487797

Home & Well Service Citizens Advice

This service helps people being discharged from hospital to have a comfortable and safe home environment by addressing the detrimental impact of cold homes, reduced water usage and anxiety due to utility bills to speed up recovery and prevent re-admission to hospital. The advisors will help patients apply to be on the Priority Services Register- meaning that they will receive additional support should they experience a power cut or water shortage. Our advisors will also make sure that people receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

In addition to helping people being discharged from hospitals, the service is also provided to other vulnerable people referred by the NHS, or who approach Citizens Advice directly. or Call Heather on 07854 202 8381

Warmer Homes Scheme

The Warmer Homes Scheme provides fully funded measures to reduce energy needs to eligible households.  These include: insulation, high heat retention storage heaters, solar panels and air source heat pumps.

Measures worth up to £25,000 (for off-gas homes) or £10,000 (for on-gas homes) are available.  These can make a significant difference to energy costs, reducing bills by hundreds of pounds per year. No cost for homeowners.  For private tenants, landlords will be required to contribute one third of the cost of the measures.

Available now.  No specific deadline for applications but only measures that can be installed by the end of March 2023 will be provided under the current funding.  However it is likely that the scheme will be extended, subject to further funding being obtained. Contact the Scheme for full eligibility details.

Switched On Gosport Warmer Homes

0800 038 5737

Free Energy and Money Saving Service

This service helps people keep warm during the colder months and reduce their energy bills, without costing them any money. It is available to all types of householders - homeowners, private tenants and social housing tenants. Residents cannot apply directly, but instead need to be referred into the scheme. Residents should contact their rent or housing officer if relevant to be referred to the scheme or contact Citizens Advice Gosport on 02392 520112.

Residents receive a phone consultation and home visit if appropriate, providing tailored advice and support to reduce energy bills and increase income.

Switched On Gosport Free Energy Schemes

0800 060 7567

The Environment Centre

The Environment Centre provides free and impartial advice on a range of subjects, including help to improve energy efficiency and help with managing water debt. Monday- Friday 9am-5pm.

The Environment Centre

0800 8048601

Repair Cafe Gosport

This is a community self-repair organisation set up to help you save money and waste by repairing items instead of throwing them away and buying a new one. Bring in your item in and get expert help in repairing it! Open to all the 2nd Saturday of Every Month, except August, from 10:30am to 1pm but booking ahead is recommended. Volunteer opportunities available (hosts and repairers). Social event with tea/coffee. Based at Make Gosport, Unit 5, Quay Lane, Hardway, Gosport, PO12 4LJ.

Repair Cafe Gosport

02392 983802

Help for Households- Social Tariffs

The government has worked with a range of Internet Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators to deliver low-cost broadband and phone service packages, called social tariffs, for those on low incomes. Social tariffs are available for people claiming Universal Credit, Pension Credit and some other benefits, with some providers offering deals from £15 a month. Some providers call them essential or basic packages. They are delivered the same way as other packages, but cost less.

If you or someone in your household claims Universal Credit, you could switch to any of the tariffs available. Some providers also include people on other benefits such as Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseekers' Allowance, and Income Support. The person receiving the benefit will need to be the main person on the contract.

First, check if your current provider offers a social tariff. The website lists all of the tariffs available now. You can apply for most tariffs online or call your provider and ask to switch. If your provider doesn't offer a social tariff, you can switch to one that does. Your provider might let you leave your current contract without paying a penalty fee.

Social Tariffs

Southern Water

If you're struggling to pay your bill, you could be entitled to one of their discount  schemes such as the Essentials Tariff by completing the online financial assistance form. Find out more by contacting directly. You may be eligible for a discount if any of the following circumstances applies to you:

  • Your household income is low
  • Someone in your home gets a means-tested benefit
  • You've got three or more children under 19 living at home
  • Someone living with you needs more water because of a medical condition
  • You haven't made a payment to us for a while

Southern Water

0800 027 0363

Portsmouth Water 

Offer a number of schemes to help customers who are struggling to pay their bill. The most important thing is to get in touch with them as soon as possible to discuss your situation.

Portsmouth Water

02392 499666

Utilita High5 Campaign

Find out free and simple ways to use less energy and save more money by making simple changes at home.

Utilita High 5 Campaign

Cats Protection Neutering Voucher Scheme

Free vouchers worth £35 towards neutering a male and £50 towards neutering a female cat available to pensioners, students, those receiving benefits and on low income (less than £20,000 pa) living in the PO12, 13 and 14 areas.

Cats Protection Gosport Branch

07825 592921

Cost of Living Help

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