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View and comment on planning applications

24 hours notice will be required to view a specific paper file at the Town Hall. To arrange a mutually convenient appointment please send your enquiry to or you can telephone (023) 9254 5462.

View Planning Applications online

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To search using the Uniform Reference Number, first line of an address or a keyword from the proposal you can use either the simple or advanced searches.

Please note to search for an application using the K number you must choose the Advanced Search option then enter the number without the "K" in the Alternative Reference field and press search.

Public Access for planning is an online service that allows you to:

  • view details of planning applications being considered by the Council. Supporting documents will normally be available within 2 - 3 working days of validation of the planning application;
  • monitor the progress of an application;
  • search a constantly updated list of applications received and decided each week;
  • view details of historic applications;
  • view plans and other relevant documentation for planning applications received and Decision Notices issued, since approx. 2006;
  • submit comments about an application (Note: If you are unable to submit comments online, please send your comments to:

For help a  Public Access user guide (PDF) [1MB]  is available

If you have a question regarding Public Access you can view our   Public Access Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) [225KB]

Development Management Officers contact details

Important information concerning planning application documents

Before we publish planning documentation on our website, we will take all reasonable steps to remove personal (but not business) telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures from planning applications, representations or other documents received as part of the planning application process, in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. Planning applications have been edited in this way since approximately 2006. For this reason documents for applications prior to 2006 are currently not available on the website. To access these documents please call the Planning and Regeneration Business Support on (023) 9254 5462 or email

If you have any queries or concerns about information that is being published, please phone our Business Support on (023) 9254 5462.

Comment on Planning Applications

All written comments received will be available for inspection on our website where we will take reasonable steps to remove personal (but not business) telephone numbers, email address and signatures. Comments will be available for inspection at the Planning Office and copied to the Planning Inspectorate in the event of an appeal. You should therefore only include information that you are happy to be seen by the public and made available on the website. Your comments should not include any inappropriate or offensive material or you will be requested to modify your comments and re-submit them before they are published. Obviously inappropriate material will not be published on our website and if other material is brought to our attention that is considered inappropriate we will subsequently remove it from the site as soon as possible. Anonymous representations cannot be taken into account.
The Council can only consider comments on issues relevant to land use planning. Guidance on these issues is available from Planning Reception, Town Hall, High Street, Gosport during office hours or may be viewed on the Council's website - Commenting on other people's development proposals.


When developers are dissatisfied with the decision of the Council on their applications they are entitled to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. Where appeals have been lodged the general progress is shown on Public Access. Further details on the appeals process, including how to make comments, are available from the Planning Inspectorate.

Regulatory Board

The Agendas, Reports and Minutes of the Regulatory Board.

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