The Electoral Services team is responsible for the publication of the Register of Electors. It also organises all elections held within the Borough of Gosport, including borough, county, Parliamentary and European elections. We are also responsible for running any Referendums.

On 1 December each year, an Electoral Register must be published using information from the annual canvass audit of all households undertaken during September, October and November. Under new regulations the Electoral Register is also updated on a monthly basis from December to August. This allows anyone who has moved into or within the Borough to update their Electoral Registration details. Information on this can be obtained from the Electoral Services Team on 023 9254 5227.

We hold elections by halves, for example one half of councillors are voted in every other year and the Electoral Services team organises all the polling stations, staff, ballot papers to ensure the smooth running of the elections. It also processes all applications to vote by post or proxy.  Information on elections and postal/proxy can be obtained from the Electoral Services a Team on 023 9254 5227. 

The overall aim of the service is to manage the electoral registration and election process in a transparent, accountable and innovative manner, to ensure that local people are fully able to exercise their right to vote and influence decisions that affect their lives.

Electoral Services team
Telephone: 023 9254 5227