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Ukraine Crisis

Support for Ukraine

Pages and updates will be posted as more information becomes available.


Welcome to Gosport, information for guests arriving from Ukraine are detailed in this document -    Welcome to Gosport (PDF) [772KB]

Please note, if you are applying for assistance from British Red Cross you will need to complete an application over the phone, you will then receive a confirmation email, which will require a response to include requested scanned documents.

Free bus pass update

We're pleased to be able to provide further details of the free bus pass scheme for our Homes for Ukraine guests. The County Council has partnered with local bus companies to secure free passes for Ukrainian families. The passes will be valid for 12 weeks. Should you be interested in taking up this special offer, you will need to complete this application form -  Homes for Ukraine - Free Bus Pass Application Form.docx

Your bus pass will cover the routes offered by the main bus company operating in your area. Further information will be provided with your pass.

Please note: All children under 5 years of age and adults over 65 are already eligible for free bus travel in the UK, so they don't need to be included in this application process.


Further education - latest information

Sanctuary scholarship with Portsmouth University  University of Portsmouth (PDF) [544KB]

Gosport Discovery Centre - latest information

How to use the library services in Ukrainian   Membership information (PDF) [259KB]   internet use (PDF) [251KB] Borrow from Library in Ukrainian (PDF) [904KB]

FREE Resources for our Ukrainian Guests (and other customers)

Gosport Discovery Centre have teamed up with 'Teach a Friend to Read', to hold these books.  They are designed to support someone to read with a friend/relative/host family and can be used by people with dyslexia or those whose first language is not English.  They are available to be picked up, for free from Gosport Discovery Centre.




The Homes for Ukraine scheme and website was launched on 14 March 2022.

The scheme allows individuals, charities, community groups and businesses in the UK to bring Ukrainians to safety - including those with no family ties to the UK.

Phase One of the scheme will allow sponsors in the UK to nominate a named Ukrainian or a named Ukrainian family to stay with them in their home, or in a separate property.

To register your interest on The Homes for Ukraine website

  • Someone is eligible for the scheme if they are a Ukrainian national or the immediate family member of a Ukrainian national, and were a resident in Ukraine prior to 1 January 2022.
  • They will be able to live and work in the UK for up to three years and also access benefits, healthcare, employment and other support.
  • While rent is not to be charged by sponsors, each household housing a refugee will be offered a £350 a month thank you payment, tax-free, which will not affect benefit entitlement.
  • Sponsors and all adults in the sponsoring households will be subject to security checks and may be subject to safeguarding checks too.
  • Accommodation offered can be a spare room, or unoccupied residential self-contained unit.
  • People providing accommodation are asked to provide accommodation for as long as they are able, but the government has a minimum expectation of six months.

Individuals who wish to sponsor a named person should get in contact with them directly and prepare to fill in a visa application with all the required details. The visa application will go live on 18 March.

Find questions and answers on how the Homes for Ukraine scheme will work.

Ways you can help

There are a number of organisations you can support in the humanitarian aid effort for Ukraine. These include but are not limited to:

You can also find ways to help on the UK Government's dedicated webpage

Many local charities and community organisations are responding to the crisis in Ukraine and are asking for help through local social media groups and forums. Most groups offering support during the crisis are helping in very specific ways so it is important for you to find the right organisations for the support you can offer.

Beware of fraud and scams

There are fraudsters who will try and take advantage of a crisis situation in the form of scams.

As always when donating money, please remain alert to possible scams and fraud. There is advice and support available on the Action Fraud website.

Mental Health and wellbeing

Concerns about the situation in Ukraine could affect your mental health or those close to you. If you, or anyone you know, would like help with this, you can find expert help and advice by visiting the NHS Every Mind Matters webpage.

Barnardo's free helpline to support Ukrainian families

The conflict and ongoing violence in Ukraine have caused families to forcibly leave their homes, in search of safety, with many arriving in the UK.

In response to this, following discussion with the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, Barnardo's has set up the Ukrainian Support Helpline to provide a holistic support service.  The helpline is available to anyone fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

Barnardo's free helpline (0800 148 8586) is staffed by English, Ukrainian and Russian speakers, to offer support to children and families arriving in the UK from Ukraine.

The helpline is open Monday - Friday (10.00am - 8.00pm) and Saturday (10.00am - 3.00pm).  Callers will be able to get help and advice on a range of topics.

A dedicated email address and webpage have also been set up for those assisting with the Ukraine response.

More information:

Welcome to Gosport, information for guests arriving from Ukraine are detailed in this document -    


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