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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Following the latest government Coronavirus advice, which includes minimising social contact, Gosport Borough Council is continuing to take the sensible precaution to protect the public by reducing non-essential Council services and not fully opening the Town Hall to the public.

The work of the Development Management Team is affected by these changes, however, we are endeavouring to maintain as much of our usual service as we are able to. Our staff are all working remotely with restricted access to the Town Hall and the facilities and records held there. As such we need to work differently to usual and not all of our normal services can be carried out at present. The following is a summary of the services we are currently operating, which is kept under review and will be updated as appropriate.

  • Planning and related applications - these will be considered and determined as far as is practicable having regard to the need to minimise social contact. Publicity, consultation and neighbour notification are being carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation and our adopted Statement of Community Involvement.
  • Site visits - where it is possible for a site to be seen from the public realm these will be carried out. If access is needed to a site, but not a building, this will be carried out by arrangement with the applicant to ensure social distancing measures are respected and maintained.
  • Pre-application, general and do I need planning permission enquiries - these will be dealt with as normal, unless a site visit is required, in which case a response may be delayed.
  • Planning Enforcement - investigations relating to existing and new enforcement enquires will be progressed where this can be done remotely. Work on cases may be delayed by any need tomake arrangements for access ensure social distancing measures are respected and maintained.
  • Telephone payments - we are unable to receive these at the current time, however payments can be made by bank transfer (details available on request).
  • Land Charges - this service is operating largely as normal, however some delays may be encountered.

If you need to contact the Development Management team please do so by email to:

Development Management is primarily concerned with the processing of planning applications and applications for advertisement consent, breaches of planning control and the provision of general information and advice relating to individual development proposals.

Local List Review

Gosport Borough Council, following a review and consultation, has adopted (from 6th June 2019) updated Local Information Requirements (Local List) relating to planning and related applications. The new Adopted List of documents required by GBC LPA.

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