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Your Tenancy Agreement / Obligations

As a tenant of Gosport Borough Council, there are certain conditions which have to be met to make sure there are no breaches to the agreement. Please find below some useful information, however the full agreements should always be referred to for a full explanation.

For full details on the tenancies Different types of Tenancy Agreements


Rent is payable in advance weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Any rent outstanding as of 5pm each Thursday is classed as an arrear.

Rent Free Weeks

Please be advised that if your account is in arrears, you will be expected to continue making payments during these periods .

The Rent Free Weeks for 2021 are listed below.

Monday 21st March 2022

Monday 28th  March 2022

Monday 19th December 2022

Monday 26th December 2022Further information on your rent and how to pay.

Anti-Social Behaviour

If you are experiencing Anti-Social Behaviour from a Gosport Borough Council Tenant and would like further information on how Housing Services can assist you. Anti Social Behaviour.

Proper use of Your Home 

As a condition of your tenancy agreement, you must use the property we let to you as your main home. If you are absent for 6 weeks or more, you must let us know, otherwise the property could be considered as abandoned and we could take legal action to get the property. If you would like to Taking in a Lodger.

You must not:

  • Sublet the whole property
  • Store anything that increases the risk of fire or explosion
  • Not allow rubbish or unwanted items to accumulate within the property or communal areas.
  • Not allow any obstruction to any access ways to any communal areas including bicycles, prams, plant pots or animal cages.
  • Not use the property for any trade, business or profession without our permission
  • Not allowed to smoke in communal areas of blocks of flats and sheltered schemes.

Access to your Home

As part of your tenancy agreement you must let Council Officers into your home to inspect its state of repair and to carry out work or safety check, with reasonable notice from the Council unless it is an emergency.

As part of the tenancy, Housing Officers will visit introductory tenants every 6-8 weeks to discuss any issues in relation to the property or the tenancy.

We also have a legal requirement to undertake a gas service on an annual basis each year and it is a requirement by law that you allow access to do this. Click here for further information on gas servicing.


It is your responsibility to maintain your garden as part of your tenancy agreement.

Home Contents Insurance

We insure the building where you live.You should insure the contents of your home and your personal possessions. To find out more about home contents insurance - Taking care of your home

Alterations to your Property

If you would like to make any alternations to your property you must request permission before any works are carried out. Please click here for further information.


If you wish to keep a pet, you must first obtain our written permission, which we may not give if we feel that the animal could be dangerous, harmful to health or could be a nuisance to your neighbours.

Your animals must not cause any nuisance, annoyance or danger to anyone or cause damage to the property or communal areas. All boundaries should also be maintained so as not to allow the animal to stray or cause a nuisance to anyone. If you are experiencing Anti Social Behaviour for further information on how Housing Services can assist you. 

You must not encourage wild animals or birds to the property as they could also cause a nuisance.


Your tenancy agreement refers to the prohibition of parking larger vehicles on housing land or at least needing permission for it, as long as it is for domestic and pleasure use only.

The tenancy also states that a business relating to vehicles in whatever capacity cannot be operated from the property without our permission. Similarly repairs and sales of vehicles must not be done.

Mutual Exchange

If you are a secure tenant, you have the right to exchange homes with another council secure tenant or a housing association assured tenant. To see what properties are available for a Mutual Exchange, you can join HomeSwapper which is a national website which exists to advertise your property and to enable you to find an exchange partner. For more information on Swapping your home - Homeswapper.

How to End your Tenancy

Information on Ending your Tenancy.

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