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Repairs and maintenance

You can call Kier on 0800 028 0835 or email: to report your repairs.

Housing Services is dedicated to serving both the existing and future housing needs of people in the Borough of Gosport. We are committed to providing our tenants with a high level of service and to expanding and improving that service in response to your needs wherever we can.

The most common reason for tenants contacting us is to report a repair. We have produced a special handbook on repairs to make identifying and reporting a repair easier. It will help you, and us to help you, if you refer to the  Repairs Handbook (PDF) [287KB] before reporting your repair.

We are always looking for ways of improving the service we give you. We want repairs to be done quickly, to a good standard and at a reasonable cost. Our aim is to avoid unnecessary delays and to complete repairs in one visit wherever possible. You can help us respond quickly when you report a repair by giving as much information as you can when you tell us about the problem. If we can identify the correct job from the information you give us, an inspection may not be needed to find out what's wrong. This should mean your repair will be completed more quickly. Reducing the number of inspections before a job is done keeps costs down and allows us more time to check the quality of work.

The Repairs Handbook gives details of who is responsible for which repairs- you or us - and outlines the timetables and procedures we use to make sure a good standard of repair is maintained. The repairs you report are known as responsive repairs because we respond to your call as the need arises. In addition to responsive repairs, we have planned maintenance schemes for programmed works, such as regular servicing of gas appliances and cyclical repairs, such as external painting of all properties every 5 years and enhancement schemes to improve the condition of your home ensuring modern standards are maintained. Details of these programmes are published in the tenants' newsletter 'At Your Service'.

Contact Property Services

Property Services Team
Telephone:  023 9254 5289/5681

Monday - Friday
9.00am - 5.00pm

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