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Land Management

Managing a review of all the garage sites throughout the Borough, including an extensive programme of demolition. There are currently 50 garage sites of which many have already been demolished and either left open for parking or new garages have been erected.

Garages can be used for storing of domestic items as well as for vehicles. If you are interested in renting a garage from the Council then to fill in our Garage Application Form (PDF) [201KB] and return it to the Town Hall, further information on how to bid on a garage is available through the Gosport Borough Council website.

Licensing/Leasing of Land - Should any land owned by Housing be requested for use by the general public or business organisations, it is possible, subject to fees and approval through the application process for land to be licensed or leased (as appropriate) to an individual or business for their own use.

Permission to Cross Housing Land - To be able to access a property by crossing Housing Land requires permission from the Council, this could be crossing over a garage site or an access way. If you are unsure about your rights to access your property across an area of land then please contact The Housing Asset Management Team to establish whether a licence is required.

Permission to use Housing Land - Should you wish to use Housing Land to hold an event please follow the Planning a public event.

Disabled Driver Markings - If you require an application to have driver markings outside your property and it is Housing Land then please contact The Housing Asset Management Team for an application form. Disabled driver markings are only considered if the applicant is on the highest level of disability living allowance and is a blue badge holder.

Land Disputes - Unclear ownership issues on land throughout the Borough can be referred to The Housing Asset Management Team for clarification.

Communal Areas - Housing Communal areas are regularly monitored and maintained, however, if you are unsatisfied with communal areas of land, for example, benches in disrepair then please report to The Housing Asset Management Team to arrange repair or find a solution.

Purchase of Housing Land - For initial enquiries about the possibility of purchasing Housing Land, please contact The Housing Asset Management Team.

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