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Ending your Tenancy


If you wish to end your tenancy, you should give us 4 weeks' notice.

However, in some circumstances we will agree a shorter notice period, such as when you transfer to another tenancy which starts soon; if you have to leave your home for medical or support needs; or if you are ending the tenancy on behalf of a member of your family who has died or can no longer live in the property.

We will ask you to sign a  Notice to end your Tenancy (PDF) [328KB] . You can download the form and complete it, and send a signed copy to your Housing Officer, Housing Services Unit, Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, PO12 1EB

Ending the tenancy of a deceased tenant

If you are a Power of Attorney, or are dealing with the affairs following the death of a relative, you will also need let us know your contact details. You may also be required to sign a EXEC/NOK Notice to End Tenancy (PDF) [274KB] . We will advise you how to close the affairs on behalf of the tenant. We will ask to meet you at the property to carry out a pre-void visit (see below), and will be able to give you contact details for other departments such as Council Tax and Housing Benefits.

Please contact your Housing Officer for further advice on ending a tenancy following the death of a Council tenant.

Charges for repairs and belongings left behind

We may charge you for the cost of repairing any damaged items in your home, or for clearing any contents or rubbish left in the property or garden.

However, you may be able to leave some good quality fixtures and fittings for the next tenant, such as carpets, net curtains or alterations, but only with the agreement of the Housing Officer at the pre-void visit.

Pre-void visit

One of our Housing Officers will carry out a pre-void visit before you move out, to give you advice about any rental payments due up to the end of the tenancy, and to inspect the property to advise about any repairs which must be completed before you leave, or for which you may be charged after you have moved.

To arrange a pre-void visit please contact your Housing Officer.


Please return all keys (including key fobs) for the front and back doors, windows and any sheds to the Town Hall before 12 noon on the Monday when your tenancy ends, at the latest. If you are moving out of a sheltered property, you may return the keys to the Older Persons Services Officer at your scheme. We may charge you for the cost of changing locks if you do not return all keys. When handing in your keys, please wait to be given a key receipt as proof of keys returned. 

If we need to terminate a tenancy, we can do so by way of a Notice to Quit or a Notice of Seeking Possession which will outline the reasons for the termination. The tenancy can also be ended by way of a Court Order under Schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1985.

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