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Different types of Tenancy Agreements

Introductory Tenancy

All new tenants who are not currently Council or Housing Association tenants are offered this type of tenancy when signed up for a Council property. An Introductory Tenancy is a probationary tenancy that usually lasts for 12 months (or a maximum of 18 months). The purpose of an Introductory Tenancy is to ensure the new tenant is able to maintain their tenancy, is adequately supported and any nuisance issues can be dealt with swiftly. It is also an opportunity for tenants to get to know their Housing Officer as regular visits are carried out for the duration of the tenancy. At the end of the introductory period, if there are no concerns, the tenant is given a Secure/Flexible Tenancy.

Introductory Tenancy Agreement (PDF) [1MB]

Secure Tenancy

New tenants who are currently Council or Housing Association tenants are given a Secure Tenancy when signed up for a Council property, as are tenants who successfully complete the introductory period (see above). A Secure Tenancy is usually a permanent tenancy (unless you break the tenancy conditions) and Secure tenants generally have more rights than introductory tenants. These are:

  1. Swap your home via Mutual Exchange with another Council or Housing Association Tenant.
  2. Buy your property through the Right to Buy.
  3. Transfer the tenancy in certain circumstances.
  4. Make improvements to your home.

Secure Tenancy Agreement (PDF) [1007KB]

Sublet Tenancy

The Council sometimes let properties to support agencies that in turn let the property to a person they are supporting. This type of tenancy is for people who have additional support needs who need extra support to be able to maintain a tenancy on their own. They receive comprehensive support from the agency that helps them to improve their life skills to move onto their own independent tenancy. Sublet tenancies usually last for 12 months (sometimes extended to 18 months) at which point they usually move onto an Introductory Tenancy. From here the process from Introductory to Secure Tenancy is the same as for other tenants. Agencies we work with include: InTouch, HomeGroup and Two Saints. 

Flexible Tenancy

 From 2014, the Council has granted Flexible Tenancies to those who would normally be entitled to a Secure Tenancy except those in Sheltered or elderly designated accommodation or those already holding a Secure or Assured Tenancy.

Flexible Tenancy Agreement (PDF) [1MB]

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