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Greenhouse gas emissions data

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To help deliver on our commitments to tackle climate change, we are collating and analysing greenhouse gas emissions data. This information is important both to check our progress is on track, and to indicate the areas in which efforts to reduce emissions may have the most impact.

We will publish annual reports containing this analysis. There are two sets of reports, as follows.

Gosport Borough Council emissionsGosport Borough area-wide emissions
These reports provide data and analysis of the emissions generated by the Council's own operations. We calculate these emissions using carbon intensity factors provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The reports are aligned to financial years since the data used to calculate the emissions come mostly from financial records.These reports provide an analysis of data on emissions generated across all of Gosport, which are calculated by BEIS. These data are aligned to calendar years and are released by BEIS approximately 18 months after the end of each year. The latest report available therefore covers the year either two or three years before the current year.

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