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Waste minimisation

Each year Gosport produces around 25,000 tonnes of household waste. As our quality of life increases we buy more and this creates more waste. Waste minimisation is about avoiding and reducing the waste we create. Why not follow the tips below to 'slim your bin'?

Stop junk mail

Every year 17.5 billion items of direct mail is sent to UK addresses, using 550,000 tonnes of paper and 16.5 billion litres of water. You can stop junk mail by registering with the Mailing Preference Service or by calling 0845 703 4599.

Compost your leftover food

Composting is a great way to use your unwanted kitchen waste. It helps reduce waste and can be turned in to nutrient rich soil for your garden! Our home composting page provides more information, including how you can buy a reduced price compost bin.

Use real nappies

Reusable or "real" nappies are easy to use, come in a wide range of colours and styles, and can save you money too! They will also cut your household rubbish by up to half. Hampshire County Council has partnered with several suppliers to provide a 15% discount on reusable nappy products.

Green shopping

Thinking about cutting down on packaging and food waste as you shop can have a big impact on the environment, as described on our green shopping page.

Donate unwanted items

There are plenty of ways to donate your unwanted items, helping both the community and the environment at the same time - here are some examples.

  • Jacobs Well Care Centre is a local charity and receives donations of carpet, paint and household items to sell at a reduced cost to low income families.
  • The British Heart Foundation is constantly looking for fresh stock for its Furniture and Electrical stores and offers a FREE collection service, which helps the environment through recycling in your local community. Call the Fareham store on 01329 825847.
  • Other web sites include Freecycle, a national organisation with a Gosport branch, and the Reuse Network.
  • Clothes, toys, books or other household items can all be reused by local charity shops.
  • Use Free Ads or car boot sales to sell your unwanted goods.
  • Take unwanted clothes to your local recycling banks.
  • Unwanted magazines will be appreciated at your local doctor's or dentist's surgery.

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