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Green shopping

Why not see if you can reduce your environmental impact by following the tips below?   

Shop locally

  • Try to buy foods sourced locally; this means less carbon dioxide is released transporting goods.
  • Use local retailers to minimise car use, and so reduce pollution and congestion.

Minimise waste

  • Buy more loose items and fewer packaged goods; often the packaging is plastic which cannot be recycled.  
  • Use reusable bags. Carrier bags can take an estimated 1,000 years to decay.    
  • Buy more durable items and fewer one off disposable items such as cameras and batteries.
  • Don't waste food. The average family with children throws away £60 worth of edible food every month. Across the UK, the greenhouse gases generated from growing, transporting and disposing of this wasted food are equivalent to 20% of all the cars on our roads. A campaign called Love Food Hate Waste has been launched by WRAP to reduce food waste. A wealth of information is available on their website; from recipes using leftover food to information on portion control. 

Ethical choices

  • Buy organic food where possible; which is produced using sustainable and ethical farming practices, without the use of pesticides.
  • Buy Fairtrade products. Fairtrade ensures farmers get a fair deal for the crops they produce and they are paid a premium which contributes towards community facilities. Producers work to protect the natural environment and use organic farming practices where possible. Gosport Fairtrade Action has helped make Gosport a Fairtrade Town. For more information about the group, you can email them or click on their website link above.

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