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Greening Campaign

A Greening Campaign community
If you've ever felt your actions to cut your carbon footprint won't have much impact on their own, the Greening Campaign is for you. It's important to know that others are taking action too, because it's only collectively that we'll make a difference. The Greening Campaign helps get whole communities working together to become more sustainable.

It has just under £500,000 of lottery funding to support communities by providing a team of experts, including the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and Garden Organic to help communities in Hampshire tackle climate change. Communities will be helped to reduce energy use, explore health impacts related to climate change, prevent waste, promote more biodiversity in gardens and green spaces, and grow their own food.

If your community would like to light the spark and join those already on the journey, contact the Greening Campaign on to ask questions or go to the Greening Campaign website.


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