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Neighbourhood Housing Officers

The Neighbourhood Housing Officers work generically and cover aspects of tenancy management including rental income collection.

Our team of ten Neighbourhood Housing Officers manage in excess of 3000 properties across the Borough of Gosport. The role of the Neighbourhood Housing Officer is to enforce the tenancy agreement and to provide support and assistance where required in order to ensure the tenancy is sustained.

The team deal with a variety of issues ranging from anti-social behaviour, estate walkabouts, mutual exchanges, abandoned properties, rental income and letting of properties as well as Court appearances for breaches of tenancy agreements.

Neighbourhood Managers

Denise Hudson - 023 9254 5439 -

Roz Weaver - 023 9254 5356 -

If you need to contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer, Neighbourhood Involvement Officer or Right to Buy and Leasehold Officer, please see the contact details below:

Housing Officer
 Contact Details Neighbourhood Area
 Juliet MansellEmail: 

Tel: 023 9254 5681

Blackthorn Drive, Dunkeld Road, Exmouth Road, Goodwood Road, Ham Lane, Hamlet Way, Naish Drive, Pannall Road, Richard Grove, Sedgeley Grove, Woodlands House (Elson) Anns Hill Road, Cheriton Road, Droxford Close, Hamble Road, Normandy Gardens, Salerno Drive, Selborne Gardens, Warnford Close (Privett) Hilton Road, Hornet Close, Old Road (Town)

Sarah Parsons 


Tel: 023 9254 5540

Archer House (Anglesey), Chatfield Road, Conifer Grove, Gregson Close, Stoners Close, The Mead, Wych Lane, Wycote Road (Bridgemary North) Stanley Close (Elson) Glebe Drive, High Drive, Long Drive, Rowner Lane, The Links, The Fairway, Hoylake Close, Stradbrook, Sunningdale Close (Peel Common), Nelson House,Nyria Way, Ramillies House, Renown House, Resolution House, Revenge House, Rodney House, Slocum House (Town)

Bev Strong


Tel: 023 9254 5293

Agnew Road, Bridge House, Bridgemary Avenue, Cameron Close, Fisher Road, Gregson Avenue, Harris Road, Horton Road, Keyes Close, Layton Road, Nobes Close, Nobes Avenue, Montgomery Road, Portal Road, Southway, Tedder Road, Wavell Road (Bridgemary South) Bridgemary Road, Bridgemary Grove, Fraser Road, Harwood Close, Harwood Road, James Close, Mountbatten Close, Northway, Prideaux Brune Avenue (Bridgemary North)

Joanna Wu 


Tel: 023 9254 5522

Avenue Road, Ferrol Road, Holly Street, St Andrews Road (Christchurch) Alliance Close, Aspen Grove, Austerberry Way, Fleet Close, Gilbert Close, Landon Road, Lawn Close, Tichborne Way, Turner Avenue (Rowner & Holbrook) Chester Court, Endeavour Close, Park Terrace, Trinity Close (Town)

Syed Haque

Tel: 023 9254 5273

Dayshes Close, Kent Road, Lapthorn Close, Nesbitt Close, Osborn Crescent, Meadow Walk, Pettycot Crescent, Tukes Avenue (Bridgemary North) Keith Close, Parklands Close, St Vincent Road, San Diego Road, The Crossways, Varos Close, Wheeler Close (Forton) Portland House, The Mews, York House (Town)

Jordan Philips 


Tel: 023 9254 5359

Boyd Road, Vian Close (Bridgemary North), Beryton Close, Beryton Road, Coulmere Road, Durley Road, Giles Close, Hewitt Close, Kealy Road, Rogers Close (Forton) Almondside, Charnwood, Forest Way, Kielder Grove, Lombardy Close, Orange Grove, Pinewood, Savernake Close, Sycamore Close, The Chine, The Coppice, The Firs, The Glen, The Hoe, The Limes, The Nook, The Thicket, Vineside, Yewside (Rowner & Holbrook)

Laura Wise Email:

Tel: 023 9254 5637

Mabey Close (Anglesey) Gloucester House, Ivy House, Queens Road (Christchurch) Dukes Road (Forton), Elmore Road, Elmore Avenue, Elmore Close, Hiller Walk, Maple Close, Skipper Way (Lee East), Hove Court, Queens Close (Lee West) Astra Walk, Burnhams Walk, Burney House, Farriers Walk, Seahorse Walk, Shamrock Close, White Lion Walk, Willis Road (Town)

Jenner Moore


Tel: 023 9254 5369

263 & 311 Forton Road (Brockhurst), St Lukes Road (Forton) 46-78 Forton Road, Fortune House, Marine Cottages, St Johns Square, Warders Court (Leesland), , Birchmore Close, Brading Avenue, Brookers Lane, Carisbrooke Road, Chale Close, Merstone Road, Niton Close, Totland Road (Peel Common) Dieppe Gardens, Wilmott Lane (Privett)

Paul Wilson-Suffield  Email: 

Tel: 023 9254 5351
Acorn Close, Beauchamp Avenue, Brewers Lane, Braemar Road, Copse Lane, Gorselands Way, Green Crescent, Rowner Close, The Spinney (Bridgemary South) Greenway Road, Mill Lane, Mill Pond Road (Leesland) Wilmott Close (Privett) Dolphin Crescent, Mariners Way, Tamworth Court (Town)
Dominique AllisonEmail:

Tel: 023 9254 5294

Ash Close, Arminers Close, Baronsmere, Boldens Road, Bricketts Terrace, Kennet Close (Anglesey) Alma Street, Claudia Court, Durham Street, Linnet Court, Nightingale Close, Russell Street (Brockhurst) Avery Lane, Behrendt House, Behrendt Close, Graham Road, The Crossways (Forton) Brougham Street, Chilworth Grove, Leesland Road (Leesland) Bracklesham Road, Charden Road, St Anns Crescent, Tudor Close, Withies Road (Rowner & Holbrook), Cunningham Drive (Bridgemary South), Alec Rose House, Dolman Road, Watergate, Winchfield House (Town)

Emma Vanson


Tel: 023 9254 5403

Neighbourhood Involvement Officer
Sam Downing


Tel: 023 9254 5686

Right to Buy and Leasehold Officer

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