The Council is planting trees to help reduce net greenhouse gas emissionsGosport Borough Council approved its Icon for pdf Climate Change Strategy [667.54KB] on 5th February 2020, which was developed through a Councillors' Working Group, with cross party representation.

The strategy sets two targets.

  • To be carbon neutral for the Council's own operations (scope 1 and 2) by 2050 or sooner.
  • To encourage residents and businesses to support and adopt measures towards the goal of carbon neutrality.

The strategy is backed by an Icon for pdf action plan [109.57KB], which sets out specific measures that will help to meet these targets. So far, we have switched to a renewable electricity supply for our operational buildings, and since 11th September 2019, when we pledged to plant 1000 trees in 1000 days, we've already achieved more than twice this target.  We're also providing financial support to help communities take part in the Greening Campaign and work together to become more sustainable. And we're working on installing solar panels at the Leisure Centre, using electric vehicles in our fleet, and introducing policies to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change into the next Local Plan, among other measures.

Councillor Jessop, Chairman of the Climate Change Board, said:

"I am pleased to be the first chair of the newly formed Climate Change Board, which will build on the good work of the former Climate Change Working Group. I thank the working group for developing the strategy that we as a Council are now working towards. I echo the words of Councillor Bateman Chairman of the former Climate Change Working Group. 'Climate change will have a significant effect locally, nationally and globally.' In fact it already is. We have all seen the change in weather patterns and the threats from flooding. Action is needed globally to reduce waste and emissions; however everyone has to play their part and that includes Councils and every resident of Gosport.

"The New Climate Change Board shows the commitment the Council has to address the challenges of climate change. It will be difficult to meet some targets, especially in the light of the covid crisis and the fiscal challenges this will present. However we must look for opportunities and take them where we can. I look forward to these challenges and have confidence in board cross party cooperation, to the benefit of residents and climate change."

If you have any comments or suggestions about the work we're doing to address the climate crisis, please contact us.