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Vision and mission statement

The Council's vision is for a sustainable environment, adapting and mitigating the impacts of climate change, reaching net zero by 2050.

This vision encompasses the many benefits that acting on climate change will bring and envisages Gosport becoming a town with a thriving local economy and strong communities, whose residents enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle, cleaner air while living in homes that are more energy efficient.

The Council recognises the scale of the challenge in realising its vision which is reflected in its mission statement.

To act now, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Council operations and be on the journey, working in partnership and engaging the community, for Gosport to reach net-zero by 2050 and be as resilient as possible to climate change.

The Council, organisations, businesses, community groups and individuals all have a role in achieving net zero, which will be delivered through a combination of factors including innovation, technology, government policy, investment and behavioural change.


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