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Disabled adaptations

What is a Disabled Aid or Adaptation?
This is where the Council does work to your home such as fitting hand or grab rails, stair lifts, showers, widening doors or fitting ramps etc.

Can I get help this way?
If you are a Council tenant and your Doctor or Medical Team have made a referral on your behalf to the Occupational Therapists at Adult Services for an assessment, they will let us know what work you need doing and whether if is essential or not.  Alternatively, you may contact the Occupational Therapy Team yourself by calling OT direct on 0300 555 1378 any day between 8.30 and 5.30pm.

How does it work?
The Occupational Therapist may visit you at home to assess with you what you need.  They may make an assessment over the telephone.

They will then write to the Council and ask us to do the work.  Work considered 'urgent' or 'essential' by the Occupational Therapists will be undertaken, subject to fund being available. All requests are dealt with in date order, subject to the status of the required adaptation.

What happens if I need expensive work,  like an an extension to my home?
The Council will then ask for an estimate for the work from one of their suveyors, contractors, or specialist suppliers.  If the estimate for the work is over £5,000 we would reconsider rehousing options.  Similarly if the work is over £1,000 and your property is under-occupied we would also consider rehousing options. If funds are available the Council will then ask for an estimate for the work from one of their surveyors, contractors or specialist suppliers.

How long does it take?
Our budget is limited.  If the work is very expensive we will visit you to discuss this.  It may be that if you moved to a home where everything is on the same level we would not need to do the work.  We would then try to help you find the right home for your needs.

Where an adaptation(s) is likely to cost over £1,000, and the property is under occupied re-housing must be considered, and, in any event,  The Council reserves the right not to proceed with applications.

Where an adaptation(s) is likely to cost in excess of £5,000 (and resident is in the right sized accomodation re-housing must also be considered and the Council reserves the right, in any event, not to proceed with applications.

The Housing Service has a waiting list for applications.  If the budget for the financial year is exhausted you might have to wait until more money is available.  If emergency work has to be done,  for example you cannot leave your home because there are no ramps, or the doorways are too narrow for a wheelchair, then we will do everything we can to help you quickly.

This Information is for guidance only.  If you have any queries about this scheme you should contact the Disabled Aids Co-ordinator in the Property Services Team on 023 9254 5289.

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