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Council Housing

The allocation scheme provides affordable housing for rent for local residents in housing need.  It enables you to make informed choices about your future rehousing.  Acceptance onto the housing register does not guarantee an offer of accommodation will be made to you.  This is because our housing stock does not meet the demand for housing.

If you wish to consider other options to help with your housing requirements please contact the housing advice team.

Who can apply?

You must be eligible for social housing and meet our qualification criteria as defined below:

  • You are eligible for public funding
  • You have a housing need
  • You are over 18 years old (in exceptional circumstances application can be considered from 16 & 17 year olds who have a guarantor)
  • You have a local connection to Gosport or you meet the armed forces criteria

You can find full information on who can apply in our  Allocations policy March 2023 (PDF) [694KB]

How to apply?

You will need to complete an application form which you can obtain by email, in writing or by phone.


Phone: 023 9254 5476

In writing: Housing Advice Service, Gosport Borough Council, Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, PO12 1EB.

When you contact Housing Advice, you will be asked a series of questions to check you are eligible to join the list, if you meet the criteria then a housing application form will be sent to you for completion.

No home visits or face to face interviews will be taking place, therefore you will need to supply any relevant supporting evidence electronically or by post as requested by your housing advisor.

How are applications assessed?

All applications are assessed by a housing advisor and you will be placed into a priority band based upon your housing need.   The assessment is based on the suitability of your current accommodation and your specific needs.  It may be necessary to make further enquiries or obtain further information from a third party or a professional to clarify your situation.

Assessments will identify any care and support needs that may impact on your ability to manage a tenancy and to consider the most appropriate housing solutions for you.

You can find full information on types of priority banding and how we decide housing need in our  Banding scheme (Word doc) [22KB]

All applications will be reassessed if you have a change in your circumstances or you change address.

If you disagree with a decision you can ask for a review within 21 days.  

Frequently asked questions

How are customers prioritised within each band?
Your position within your band is prioritised by the date you were moved into that band. We call this your band date. If two customers are in the same band and have the same band date, the customer that applied to the housing register first will take priority.

How is my band date calculated?
When you are first moved to a band, the date you originally applied to the housing register will be your band date. If your circumstances change and your application is reassessed, you might be moved into a different band.  The date of that assessment would then be your new band date. When selecting customers from bands, the customers with the oldest band date are considered for housing first.

What if I disagree with the band that I have been put in?
You can ask for a review.

How will I know when I have been successful for a property?
We will call you to discuss it, tell you where it is and arrange a viewing. This is why it is very important we have correct phone numbers and email addresses for you.  If you do not respond to our call or email, we may have to move on to the next customer

How long will it take to get rehoused?
There is huge demand for affordable rented homes in Gosport and the number of social housing vacancies available per year does not meet this demand.  Acceptance onto the register is therefore not a guarantee you will be offered social housing.  We can't predict at this time, when customers will receive an offer until we have started allocating homes using the new system. This will give us information we will be able to use to predict waiting times. We will be allocating in band and date order.

How do I set up a payment plan to clear my housing debt?
Customers who owe the council money for housing debts (not housing benefit or council tax) will only be moved if they have agreed a payment plan to clear the debt and have kept to that plan to reduce the arrears. If the debt is on a temporary accommodation account, you should contact the Income Recovery Officer on 023 9254 5438.  If it is on a council tenancy you should contact the business support team on 023 9254 5682 or 

How do I maximise my chances of getting rehoused quickly?
How quickly you are offered a property depends on how high your need is and how flexible you are about areas and types of property. Your housing need is determined by your circumstances, which may be out of your control.  By making sure you have as many areas and property types on your application as possible, and keeping us up to date about your circumstances and contact details, you will maximise your chances.

What happens if I refuse a property you have matched me to?
Our intention is to make you the right offer, the first time. You have been asked to tell us the areas of Gosport you want to live in and which types of property you would be happy to move to. We will match you to vacant properties based on these choices. If you are offered a property that meets those preferences and you want to refuse it, we will need to know why it is not suitable, and we will review your preferences. There is not a specified number of offers that customers can refuse. But if you refuse offers that meet your needs and preferences, we will review whether you have a need to move and should be on the register.

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