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Consultation Responses

Responses received to the draft GBLP 2038

The Council would like to thank those who responded to the consultation.

These responses will now be considered by the Council and it is envisaged a 'Summary and Analysis of Consultation Responses' Report will be published with the Publication version of the Local Plan (Regulation 19).

In a number of cases the Council will contact individuals or organisations for further clarification or discussions on how to address particular objections.

The table below sets out the responses received to the Gosport Borough Local Plan 2038 Consultation Draft (Regulation 18). This includes the reference number assigned to the response.

Responses to the Gosport Borough Local Plan 2038 Consultation Draft (Regulation 18)
1-GBLPC Reg 18 Roger Forster_Redacted (PDF) [98KB]
2-GBLPC Reg 18 Gursewak Dhalliwal_Redacted (PDF) [77KB]
3-GBLPC Reg 18 Russell_Redacted (PDF) [205KB]
4-GBLPC Reg 18 Brad Mackay_Redacted (PDF) [102KB]
5-GBLPC Reg 18 James Ahern_Redacted (PDF) [232KB]
6-GBLPC Reg 18 Victoria Brown_Redacted (PDF) [252KB]
7-GBLPC Reg 18 Rene Forder_Redacted (PDF) [167KB]
8-GBLPC Reg 18 Patrick Martin Davies_Redacted (PDF) [345KB]
9-GBLPC Reg 18 Richard Patterson_Redacted (PDF) [185KB]
10-GBLPC Reg 18 Abri Meghan Rossiter - 10.2021_Redacted (PDF) [1MB]
11-GBLPC Reg 18 Andrew Mair_Redacted (PDF) [88KB]
12-GBLPC Reg 18 Lesley Tinman_Redacted (PDF) [197KB]
13-GBLPC Reg 18 Planware Ltd for McDonalds_Redacted (PDF) [713KB]
14-GBLPC Reg 18 John Moreton_Redacted (PDF) [285KB]
15-GBLPC Reg 18 Hampshire Police_Redacted (PDF) [200KB]
16-GBLPC Reg 18 OEP_Redacted (PDF) [274KB]
17-GBLPC Lee Residents Asssociation_Redacted (PDF) [605KB]
18-GBLPC First Bus_Redacted (PDF) [498KB]
19-GBLPC Reg 18 Homes England Carter Jones_Redacted (PDF) [1MB]
20-GBLPC Reg 18 DIO MOD_Response safeguarding_Redacted (PDF) [408KB]
21-GBLPC Reg 18 Trish Hurman_Redacted (PDF) [74KB]
22-GBLPC Reg 18 Southern Water_Redacted (PDF) [302KB]
23-GBLPC Reg 18 Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Earth_Redacted (PDF) [78KB]
24-GBLPC Reg 18 Paul Barletta_Redacted (PDF) [64KB]
25-GBLPC Reg 18 National Highways_Redacted (PDF) [449KB]
26-GBLPC Reg 18 DIO Fort Blockhouse_Redacted (PDF) [919KB]
27-GBLPC Reg 18 Theatres Trust_Redacted (PDF) [58KB]
28-GBLPC Reg 18 Marine Management Organisation Response_Redacted (PDF) [155KB]
29-GBLPC Reg 18 Premier Marinas_Redacted (PDF) [1MB]
30-GBLPC Reg 18 Portsmouth Water_Redacted (PDF) [146KB]
31-GBLPC Reg 18 Churchill Retirement Living and McCarthy Stone_Redacted (PDF) [1MB]
32-GBLPC Reg 18 GAHAGA_Redacted (PDF) [64KB]
33-GBLPC Reg 18 HBF Home Builders Federation_Redacted (PDF) [389KB]
34-GBLPC Reg 18 Coastal Partners_Redacted (PDF) [62KB]
35-GBLPC Reg 18 HCC_Redacted (PDF) [173KB]
36-GBLPC Reg 18 Sport England_Redacted (PDF) [461KB]
37-GBLPC Reg 18 Fareham Borough Council_Redacted (PDF) [122KB]
38-GBLPC Reg 18 Carter Jonas on behalf of Southern Gas Networks_Redacted (PDF) [489KB]
39-GBLPC Reg 18 The Woodland Trust_Redacted (PDF) [84KB]
40-GBLPC Reg 18 Millngate_Redacted (PDF) [1MB]
41-GBLPC Reg 18 Lee Business Association_Redacted (PDF) [159KB]
42-GBLPC Reg 18 Simon Pullin_Redacted (PDF) [155KB]
43-GBLPC Reg 18 Ministry of Justice_Redacted (PDF) [2MB]  WITHDRAWN  43-220729 Withdrawal of site promotion at Haslar IRC (PDF) [88KB]
44-GBLPC Reg 18 Philippa Dickinson_Redacted (PDF) [65KB]
45-GBLPC Reg 18 Browndown Ltd_Redacted (PDF) [7MB]
46-GBLPC Reg18 Haslar Developments Limited_Redacted (PDF) [429KB]
47-GBLPC Reg 18 Abbey Developments Ltd_Redacted (PDF) [1MB]
48-GBLPC Reg 18 Historic England_Redacted (PDF) [193KB]
49-GBLPC Reg 18 Persimmon Homes (South Coast) (PDF) [924KB]
50-GBLPC Reg 18 H&IWWT_Redacted (PDF) [432KB]
51-GBLPC Reg 18 Peter Arnett Leisure Representation_Redacted (PDF) [6MB]
52-HCC Property Services_Redacted (PDF) [172KB]
53-GBLPC Reg 18 Natural England_Redacted (PDF) [282KB]
54-GBLPC Reg 18 The Gosport Society_Redacted (PDF) [196KB]
55-GBLPC Reg 18 Environment Agency Response Redacted (PDF) [400KB]


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