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Gosport Borough Local Plan 2038

Local Plan 2038 Cover

Previous consultation (referred to as Regulation 18)

The Draft Gosport Borough Local Plan 2038 identified sites for housing, employment and other land uses as well protecting the Borough's important open space, nature conservation and heritage features. It also considered ways in which we adapt and deal with the impacts of climate change.

A consultation was undertaken for 10 weeks between Monday 27th September and Friday 3rd December 2021.

If you would like an overview of the draft Local Plan please see the following:

Brochure (PDF) [2MB]

Presentation (PDF) [3MB]

The draft Local Plan and Policies Map can be found below:

Draft Gosport Borough Local Plan 2038 (PDF) [25MB]

Draft Local Plan 2038 Policies Map (PDF) [10MB]

Emerging Gosport Borough Local Plan 2040

It has been necessary to extend the end date of the emerging Local Plan from 2038 to 2040 to ensure that there is at least a 15-year span from the date of anticipated adoption, in accordance with Government guidance. As set out in the Council's Local Development Scheme (LDS), the Council anticipates that it will undertake a Regulation 19 consultation in October 2024. Further details about the Draft Gosport Borough Local Plan 2040 can be seen here.

If you have any queries please email: or phone (023) 9254 5462.

Consultation Responses

Responses received to the draft GBLP 2038

Gosport Borough Local Plan 2038 Supporting Evidence

The Local Plan is supported by a number of evidence documents and background work.

Exhibitions and Consultation Arrangements

A number of staffed and unstaffed exhibitions were carried out throughout the consultation period.

Local Plan 2038 - Draft Policies Map

View the Draft Policies Map which accompanies the Local Plan 2038.

Local Plan Consultation Database Consent

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