Nutrient neutrality

Due to the impacts of eutrophication upon the designated sites of the Solent, Natural England have issued guidance requiring all developments within the Solent area which would generate additional overnight stays to be 'nutrient neutral'. This includes all residential proposals, tourist accommodation and visitor attractions which would draw additional people into the catchment, with the guidance addressing any land use changes and wastewater generation which may cause an increase in nutrient loading. Certain commercial and industrial activities which use large volumes of water may also be required to be nutrient neutral.

In order to be granted planning permission, the above forms of development will need to submit a 'nutrient budget' for their proposal, demonstrating how their proposal is nutrient neutral, or can be made neutral through the securing of appropriate upfront mitigation.

Please submit a completed Icon for excel nitrogen budget calculator [53.47KB] with all relevant planning submissions. Further information on achieving nutrient neutrality can be found within Natural England's Icon for pdf non-technical summary [586.55KB] and the Icon for pdf full methodology [2.41MB].

Please contact Planning and Regeneration Services at or Natural England if you have any further questions.

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