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Gosport Borough Council



Uniformed Groups and Youth Groups

Uniformed Groups in Gosport

Scouting in Gosport

District Commissioner Gosport Scouts

Contact: Mr Peter Phillips

Tel No: 023 9252 6080


District Secretary Gosport Scouts

Contact: Mr David South

Tel No: 023 9252 5795


1st Gosport Scouts

Venue: Gadsad, 175 Elson Road, Elson, Gosport

Contact: Mr Alistair Rance

Tel No: 023 9261 0701

Website: 1stgosport.btck.co.uk


2nd Gosport Scouts (Beavers / Cubs / Scouts) 

Contact: Mrs Sue Archer (Group Scout Leader)

Tel No: 023 9252 4687 or 07746 248619

Email: sue.archer3@btinternet.com

Ages: 6 - 14 years

Activities include in/outdoor activities, badges, camps and visits.

Venue: Nimrod Community Centre, Nimrod Drive, Rowner, Gosport

For additional information log onto www.2ndgosportscouts.btck.com


3rd Gosport Sea Scouts

Contact: Jim House (Acting Group Scout Leader)

Tel No: 07941 339 294

Email: 3rdgosport@gosportscouts.org.uk

Website: 3rdgosportseascouts.btck.co.uk

Venue: Jubilee Lodge, Park Road, Alverstoke, Gosport.


5th Gosport Sea Scouts

Contact: Mr M Brown

Tel No: 023 9235 2470

Email: gsl@5thgosportseascouts.org.uk

Website: www.5thgosportseascouts.org.uk

Venue: Earl Mountbatten Hall, St Lukes Road, Forton, Gosport


6th Gosport Scouts (Beavers/Cubs/Scouts)

Contact: Lisa Young

Tel No: 07921556483 

Venue: Scout HQ, Acorn Close, Rowner, Gospor. PO13 0DA

Website: www.6thgosportscoutgroup.btck.co.uk


7th Gosport Scouts

Contact: Mr David Wright (Group Scout Leader)

Tel No:023 9252 3518

Venue: Wilson Greenaway Scouting Centre, Bury Close, Gosport.


9th Gosport Scouts

Contact: Mrs Annie Finnie

Tel No: 01329 312783

Venue: Scout HQ, Phoenix Way,Green Crescent, Rowner, Gosport.


12th Gosport

Contact: Mr John Smith

Tel No:01329 318850

Venue: Jubilee Hall, St Lukes Road, Forton, Gosport.


16th Gosport

Contact: Mrs Rosie Dodd (Group Scout Leader)

Venue: Scout HQ, St Nicholas Avenue, Rowner, Gosport 


1st Lee on the Solent


Tel No:

Venue: Salisbury Terrace, Lee on the Solent, Gosport.


27th Scout Link Special Needs

Contact: Mrs Sandra Pettit

Tel No:023 9236 7419

Venue: Salisbury Terrace, Lee on the Solent, Gosport.


Scout Fellowship 

Contact: Mr Clive Pittard

Tel No: 07929851928

Venue: Scout HQ, Phoenix Way,Green Crescent, Rowner, Gosport.


Gang Show

Contact: Mr Bill Reed

Tel No: 01329 664664

Venue: Gang Show HQ, Privett Park Enclosure, Privett Park, Gosport


District Explorer Scouts

Contact: Mr Robin Peddell

Tel No: 023 9235 9411

Venue:Scout Centre, Clayhall Road, Alverstoke


Adventurous Activities

Contact: Mr Mike Brown

Tel No: 023 9235 2470

Venue:District Scout Centre, Clayhall Road, Alverstoke

For further details: www.gosportscouts.org.uk

Guiding in Gosport

Girl Guiding UK (Hardway District)

Contact: Mrs Sharon Butcher

Tel No: 01329 288099

Guide Association (Gosport North)

Contact: Mrs Sharon Butcher

Tel No: 01329 288099


Guide Association (Lee on the Solent)

Contact: Mrs Brenda Pitt

Tel No: 023 9255 3576


Air Cadets

1098 (Gosport) Squadron Air Cadets

Fort Blockhouse

Parade nights tues & thurs 7pm - 930pm

Oc.1098@aircadets.org / 1098@aircadets.org to enquire.



Gosport Aviation Society

Contact: Bob Wealthy

Tel No: 01329 315561

Address: 7 William Close, Stubbington, Fareham

E-Mail: solentaeromarine@hotmail.com



Hampshire & Isle of Wight Army Cadet Band

Contact: Capt Steve Croney - The Director of Music

Tel No: 079061 50367

Email: Stephen.Croney@ntlworld.com

Website: www.hantsandiowacf.org.uk/band


Baton Twirlers


Gosport Star Striders

Contact: Mrs Cushing or Mrs Keating

Tel No: 01329 283680 or 01329 822978

Ages: 3+

Venue: St John's Primary School, Gosport

Razzle Dazzle Cheerleading

Contact: Rachel

Tel No: 07989 67596

Ages: 7 - 10 years

Venue: St Vincent Leisure Centre on Friday's between 7-8pm

Dance / Performing Arts

Bekims Academy Theatre School

Dance, Singing and Drama

Venue: Brune Park Community College

Ages: 3 - 18 years

Tel No: 07505 878590 or 07505 878495

Email: info@bekims.co.uk

Website: www.bekims.co.uk

Dance Connections

Specialist tuition by qualified instructors in a wide variety of dance styles to people of all ages and abilities including ballroom, latin, salsa, freestyle, disco and cheerleading.

Venue: Brune Park Community College

Tel No: 01329 314061 (Rachel) or 023 8046 6181 (Debra)

Gosport Youth Dance Company 

Creative dance for young people aged 5 years and over!

Venue: Brune Park Community College

Tel No: 023 9261 6000


Theatre school, dance, singing , acting and shows
Contact: Kim Weir

Venue: St Vincent College on Tuesday evenings from 5.45pm to 8.45pm

Ages: 3 - 24 years

Tel No: 07505 878495

Email: info@stageskool.com

Website: www.stageskool.com