Gosport Borough Council has published a list of their land and property assets which is available to download from the following link:

Icon for csv Land and property list [49.16KB] | Explanatory notes to the Land and Property Asset List

The content and format of the list is accordance with the DCLG's revised Transparency Code published October 2014, which became mandatory to publish in open date format in February 2015.

In accordance with the Government's Code of Recommended Practice, certain asset groups have been excluded from the list that include:

  • Social Housing
  • Individual residential investments
  • Lettings to third parties for the provision of residential property
  • Land on which public highway rights exist
  • Tenancies of fixed structures such as telecommunications installations

Note: As a district authority, Gosport Borough Council does not own land and property providing education, health, social services or museum services. These are primarily owned by Hampshire County Council.

Note: The Land and Property Gazetteer for Gosport Borough Council does not routinely capture land parcels.