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Refuse Collections

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Your waste collections.

StreetScene would like to apologise for the inconvenience some residents are experiencing due to the new waste/recycling collection rounds.

StreetScene Officers are holding regular meetings with the collection contractor to discuss the ongoing issues. Plans to provide additional resources in the form of operatives, vehicles and additional management are underway. Thank you for your patience at this time.

Missed bins

We will return and collect a missed bin:-

  1. If the bin was put out for collection, visible and unobstructed on the edge of the highway by 7am on your day of collection.
  2. If the missed bin is reported within 2 days (Friday missed collections must be reported by the following Monday morning).
  3. If the bin does not contain any of the above items or has not been red tagged (as contaminated on a recycling collection week).

We will endeavour to collect a missed bin within 2 working days. If we cannot return to collect your bin for any reason please leave it until the next collection day or take the waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre

If your bin has been missed please report it here:

 Missed Refuse Collection

Alternatively you can contact Streetscene on 08000 198 598 or email


Refuse & Recycling Calendar 2023/24 (PDF) [62KB]

The Council has a statutory duty to make arrangements to provide a waste collection service for the removal of household waste from residential properties within the Borough. Since 1999 the Council has provided an edge of curtilage wheeled bin collection service. The entire Borough is also now served by an alternate weekly kerbside collection of dry mixed recyclable materials.

Kerbside Recycling Collections   

Urbaser Ltd. is contracted to undertake refuse and recycling collections, as well as cleaning Gosport's streets, public conveniences and some sports pavilions.

Items that will not be collected as part of the normal refuse collection service and should not be placed in the wheeled bin or sack are listed below:

  • Asbestos
  • Commercial or industrial waste
  • Brick rubble, soil and construction materials
  • Domestic appliances and electrical/electronic equipment
  • Fixtures and fittings, i.e. carpets, shelving units, cupboards etc
  • Furniture
  • Green waste and soil
  • Hot ashes
  • Medication
  • Oil and flammable liquids
  • Paint and chemicals
  • Scrap metals

Collection times and holiday arrangements:

All wheeled bin/sack collections will be undertaken between the hours of 7.00 am and 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.  Where collections are made on a Saturday due to holiday collection arrangements these will be undertaken between the hours of 7.00 am and 4.00 pm.

Unforeseen circumstances may require the collection contractor to undertake a round in a different order to that usually undertaken, therefore it is important that all waste is made available for collection by 7.00 am on the nominated collection day. 

What day is my refuse collected?

Refuse, Recycling and Garden collection day search

Collection locations:

The refuse collection contractor will collect wheeled bins, or sacks if on sack collection, from the curtilage of a property or the nearest point of carriageway access whichever is closer.  Should you be unsure of your collection location, please contact the Streetscene Section for clarification.

Assisted Lifts:

If you are unable to present your bin for collection and have no other person within your property to assist with the placing of your container, please contact Streetscene with the following information: 

a. The reasons why you need assistance and where this is due to mobility or medical issues this should be set out in a letter from you Doctor;

b. Confirmation that there is no one else living at the property who is able to manoeuvre the wheeled bin;

c. Acknowledgment that the Council and Contractor are not liable for any damage or loss caused as a result of a collection vehicle or Contractor coming onto the property whilst providing the assistance;

d. An indemnity that in the event that the Council will provide assistance the Occupier agrees to indemnify the Council for any damage or loss caused as a result of a collection vehicle a Council officer or the Contractor coming onto the property whilst providing the assistance.

The Head of Streetscene will consider and determine your application for assistance on the basis of the information provided in the application and what assistance it is reasonable and practical to provide.  Where assistance is provided you will be notified and a member of staff will arrange a visit to make arrangements for the assisted collection.

Wheeled bins:

New build properties - Where individual wheeled bins are required a payment of £38.50 per bin is required. Once informed of new occupancy and payment the Councils Contractor will deliver 1 x 240 litre black lidded rubbish bin and 1 x 240 litre green lidded bin for recyclable materials. Bins will be delivered with a sticker identifying the house number for which the wheeled bins are provided for.  Where communal bins are required for new developments, please contact Streetscene .

Replacement and wheeled bin upgrades - For those households who need to replace a wheeled bin or would like to exchange their existing bin/s for a larger size, a payment of £38.50 per bin is required. For clarity, should you move to a property with no wheeled bins and it is not a new build, then replacement bins need to be purchased. The fee covers the provision of the bin and delivery and is payable before the bin is delivered to a property. Please report stolen bins to The Police. Bins will be provided free of charge on receipt of a Police incident number. Payment can be made in the following ways:- 

Online payments       

By telephone, Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, by calling 023 9258 4242 and selecting Option 1 for the Payment line.

By post, send payments to Streetscene, Gosport Borough Council, Town Hall, Gosport, PO12 1EB with a covering letter advising what the payment is for 

In person, Monday to Friday, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm at Gosport Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, PO12 1EB.

Please note, only 1 wheeled bin will be collected on a refuse collection week per property, unless additional bins are marked with an official extra bin sticker by Gosport Borough Council.

Wheeled bins are Council property and should not be removed from the household. Delivery of new wheeled bins can take up to 1 week; it is advisable to ensure your bins are marked with your property number.

Bags of rubbish WILL NOT be collected from the side of your wheeled bin. If you use a sack collection, no more than 2 GBC black sacks will be collected at any one time.  Please take extra rubbish to the local household waste recycling centre in Grange Road or save until your next refuse collection.


For residents who continue to use a sack collection, black plastic sacks are provided for rubbish and clear plastic sacks for recyclable materials.  These are provided on an annual basis, when residents will receive 52 black sacks and 52 clear sacks, with a maximum collection of 2 sacks per week.  Should you need to replace any of the sacks provided for you, a roll of 10 replacement sacks are available to purchase from the Town Hall at a cost of £2.20 for domestic waste sacks and £2.60 for recycling waste sacks.

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