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What's in the Constitution?

Chapter 1 of the Constitution commits the council to provide clear community leadership and to ensure that it operates with transparency, efficiency and accountability. Chapters 2-15 explain the rights of citizens and how the key parts of the council operate.

The Constitution is broken into  parts as follows: 

Part 1 Constitution Contents and Summary - checked (Word doc) [97KB]

Part 2 Schedule 1 Portfolio Councillors - checked (Word doc) [41KB]

Part 2 Schedule 2 - Role of Mayor (Word doc) [29KB]

Part 2 Schedule 3 - Role of Deputy Mayor (Word doc) [30KB]

Part 2 Schedule 4 - Leader of the Council (Word doc) [30KB]

Part 2 Schedule 5 Chairman of the Regulatory Board (Word doc) [35KB]

Part 2 Schedule 6 Chairmen of Service Boards (Word doc) [20KB]

Part 2 Schedule 7 Chairman of Standards and Audit Sub Board (Word doc) [31KB]

Part 3 Schedule 9- Functions & Delegations (Word doc) [100KB]

Part 3 Schedule 10 Scheme of delegations (Word doc) [161KB]

Part 4 Schedule 11 Rules of Procedure - checked (Word doc) [296KB]

Part 4 Schedule 12 Access to Information (Word doc) [50KB]

Part 4 Schedule 13 CPR's (Word doc) [585KB]

Part 4 Schedule 14 Officer Employment Proceduretracking (Word doc) [71KB]

Part 4 Schedule 15 Budget and Policy Framewrk Procedue Policy (Word doc) [33KB]

Part 4 Schedule 16 Financial Regulations (Word doc) [104KB]

Part 4 Schedule 17 Code of Conduct (Word doc) [67KB]

Part 4 Schedule 17 -Procedure for Complaints against Councillors Appendix (Word doc) [143KB]

Part 4 Schedule 18a Task and Finish Groups (Word doc) [38KB]

Part 5 - Schedule 19 Blank (Word doc) [34KB]

Part 5 - Schedule 20- Code of Conduct for Employees (Word doc) [93KB]

Part 5 - Schedule 21 (Word doc) [83KB]

Part 5 - Schedule 22 - Protocol - Councillor and Officer Relations (Word doc) [64KB]

Part 5 - Schedule 23 - B Anti-Bribery Policy Appendix II (Word doc) [28KB]

Part 5 - Schedule 23 Anti-Fraud Policy (Word doc) [77KB]



The Council has a 4 Boards, Policy and Organisation, Housing, Community and Environment and Regulatory.







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