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Discretionary Payments

What are Discretionary Payments?

Discretionary payments can provide extra financial help towards your rent or your Council Tax.

Funds are limited so any payment is likely to be for a short period only to help you through a period of crisis, temporary difficulty or hardship.

If you get an award, there is no guarantee that further awards will be made and therefore Discretionary Payments should not be relied on as a long term solution to your financial problems.

All awards are made at the Council's discretion. To be eligible you will need to show that your circumstances are exceptional or that you are suffering severe financial hardship.


Who can claim Discretionary Payments?

Anyone who requires further help with housing costs and is currently getting Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs.
Anyone who requires further help paying their Council Tax and is currently getting Local Council Tax Support (CTS).

The amount and length of a discretionary payment will be a decision for the Council and will depend on an individual's circumstances; each case is treated equally and fairly and on its own merits.


(An Exceptional Hardship payment will also be considered for those applicants who have applied for CTS but have not qualified. An application for a Discretionary Council Tax reduction must be made within one month of receiving their decision from the Council.)


How do I make a claim?

You can fill in a Discretionary Housing Payment form here.

You can fill in a Discretionary Council Tax Support form here.


NOTE: Read the application notes carefully.
Before you start your application gather all your evidence and check you have everything you need. If you have missing information or the form is not fully completed, your application will be closed with no further action being taken.

If you need help, please get in touch over the phone by calling us on 023 9254 5325. One of our experienced advisors can then talk to you about your situation and explain the support available to you.


What can a payment cover?

What can a payment cover? (PDF) [229KB]


Gosport Borough Council Policies

Discretionary Housing Payment Policy (PDF) [117KB]

Exceptional Hardship Policy (PDF) [165KB]


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