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Doors and Access

The design of doors should be in keeping with the other elements of the shop front. If there is a separate door to the upper floors this should be retained to allow independent access.

New shop fronts should allow access for the disabled.

(a) Thresholds should be flush with the shop floor and any difference in level to the pavement should be ramped at an angle no steeper than 1:20. Floor surfaces should be smooth and non-slip. If a doormat is required it should be in a mat well if the mat itself is more than 10mm thick.

(b) Entrance doors should give a clear opening width of not less than 800mm and preferably 830mm. Where double doors are used one of the leaves should provide 800mm minimum clear opening.

(c) Doors should, where possible, be fitted with a kicking plate, door springs should allow reasonable operation by a person in a wheelchair. Letterboxes, bell pushes and handles should be not higher than 1 metre above floor level.

These are general notes, further information can be obtained from:

P012 1EB
Tel: (023) 9254 5435

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