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What Listing means to you

What listing means

Any building which is listed, and regardless of grade, may not be altered, extended or demolished in a manner that affects this special character, without the requirement to obtain LISTED BUILDING CONSENT from the Council as Local Planning Authority under the provisions of the 1990 Act.

This requirement relates not only to works affecting the exterior, but also concerns the interior of the building and everything within the curtilage (with the exception of free standing buildings built after July 1948).

It is a criminal offence to execute any works to a listed building which affects its character, without prior approval from the Local Planning Authority. Failure to obtain listed building consent for the works may result in prosecution and the serving of a Listed Building Enforcement Notice requiring the complete restoration of the building. If convicted there are heavy fines and/or imprisonment for such an offence.

Each building on the statutory list for Gosport has its own distinctive character and features. It is therefore not possible to give precise advice on all buildings within this leaflet. As a general rule, however, the following will normally affect the character of the building, and therefore require Listed Building Consent:

Exterior Works

- the insertion of replacement doors, windows and/or rooflights- the painting of previously unpainted surfaces
- the alteration of existing windows and door openings- the application of certain cleaning techniques
- the replacement of roof coverings- actions such as re-pointing stone or brickwork where a change of colour is involved


Attachments to the Structure, for example:

- shutters- satellite TV antennae
- signs- meter boxes
- advertisements- name plates
- sunblinds- light fittings


Interior Alterations such as those involving the removal or replacement of

- staircases- chimney breasts & fireplaces
- doors & doorways- built in fireplaces
- secondary glazing- decorative plaster
- period tiles- wall paintings
- panelling- floors
- structural work- original sanitary ware


Alterations within the Curtilage which involve:

- gates & gate posts
- boundary walls & fences
- statues & other garden features
- buildings within the curtilage (excepting structures built since July 1948)

Demolition, wholly or in part and including the removal of:
- doors & windows
- porches
- railings
- inscriptions
- flights of steps
- balconies
- chimney stacks & pots
- urns & statues

The Secretary of State has advised that Listed Building Consent for total demolition should not be granted, unless it can be demonstrated that every option has been explored to retain the building by seeking alternative uses, and/or that it has been offered for sale for a reasonable time on the open market.

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