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Local Plan 2011-2029 Modifications Page

The Gosport Borough Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination. The examination, which included public Hearings was held in March 2015, was conducted by a planning inspector, John Wilde CEng MICE. The examination considered the 'soundness' of the local plan.

The Inspector in his  preliminary findings letter (PDF) [82KB] has considered that there are a number of shortcomings in the document, relating to soundness, which the Council should address through the agreement of Main Modifications (MMs).  They all relate to issues that were discussed at the Hearing.

The  main modifications (PDF) [650KB] proposed by the Council were made available for comment until 2nd July 2015. The Council has also produced a schedule of   minor modifications (PDF) [4MB] which do not relate to soundness or national policy but provide factual updates and improves clarity.

A number of representations have been received following consultation on the Modifications.

These together with a summary have been sent to the Inspector for his consideration.


 Rep No Representator
RepM1 Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd (PDF) [27KB]  Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd
RepM2 Hornet Services Sailing Club (PDF) [84KB]  Hornet Services Sailing Club
RepM3 Environment Agency (PDF) [73KB]  Environment Agency
RepM4 Hampshire &IOW Wildlife Trust A_Redacted (PDF) [255KB]  Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust
RepM5 Historic England (PDF) [128KB]  Historic England
RepM6 Mr R.V. Perry (PDF) [511KB]  Mr R.V. Perry
RepM7 Natural England (PDF) [118KB]  Natural England
RepM8 Home Builders Federation (PDF) [192KB]  Home Builders Federation
RepM9 Barton Willmore on behalf Abbey Developments (PDF) [197KB]  Barton Willmore on behalf Abbey Developments
RepM9 Appendix Barton Willmore on behalf Abbey Developments (PDF) [270KB]  Barton Willmore on behalf Abbey Developments
  RepM10 Hampshire County Council (PDF) [212KB]  Hampshire County Council


  Gosport Borough Council Documents

Summary of Consultation Responses July 2015 (PDF) [120KB]
GBC Letter to the Inspector July 2015 (PDF) [178KB]



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