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Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

As a coastal town, consideration of flood risk plays an important role in development decisions in the Borough. The local authorities that form the Partnership for South Hampshire (PfSH) have updated the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA). This work was carried out by the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership and published in 2016.

The SFRA comes in two parts:

The mapping database shows coastal flooding, surface water flooding and the potential impact of climate change.

The final report summarises the key findings of the SFRA and is tailored for:

  • The specific flood risk found in each Local Planning Authority area;
  • Relating national policy to specific SFRA information and data; and
  • Providing guidance on the requirements of site-specific FRAs.

Gosport Borough Local Plan 2011-2029

As part of the evidence base for the Gosport Borough Local Plan 2011-2029, the Borough Council has undertaken a SFRA (level 1) for its strategic local plan allocations which uses the PUSH SFRA as its starting point. This has been supplemented by further technical work (level 2) incorporating the PUSH SFRA and additional information on flood risk and developing local management options provided by the Environment Agency and the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership.

The Council's SFRA studies can be seen using the links below:

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (Level 1) (June 2014) (Main Report) (PDF) [3MB]

Appendix 1 - Gosport Waterfront & Town Centre (June 2014) (PDF) [4MB]

Appendix 2 - Haslar Peninsula (June 2014) (PDF) [3MB]

Appendix 3 - Priddy's Hard Heritage Area (June 2014) (PDF) [2MB]

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Technical Report (Level 2) (June 2014) (PDF) [3MB]

Surface Water Maps
Flooding from surface water is an important flood risk consideration.  The Environment Agency has published its National Risk of Flooding from Surface Water (RoFSW) mapping on the Check Your Long Term Flood Risk (CYLTFR) since 2013 this is available to view at:

Please note the results from the site are an indicator of an area's flood risk, particularly the likelihood of surface water flooding.  It is not suitable for identifying whether an individual property will flood. It does not include the flood risk from sources such as blocked drains and burst pipes.

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