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Naturalised Flower Zones

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To meet our climate change target of increasing the biodiversity of our greenspaces we are changing the plant cover on several areas of our mown grass areas.

Stoke Bay

In some instances the changes involve clearing the existing grass to sow urban and wild flower seed in late summer or early autumn, this may result in areas of bare soil for a short period where the grass is removed to sow seed. This will be followed by the germination of the flower seed through the autumn and full growth and flowering from mid-late spring in the following year.

In other areas we are allowing wild flowers to naturally colonise the grass areas, these areas initially require frequent mowing and removal of the cut grass to slow the rate of grass growth to give wild flowers space to establish.

South Street

The locations selected for naturalisation 2023 are;

  • Beuchamp Avenue
  • Charden Road
  • Cowslip Close
  • Cunningham Drive
  • Dayshes Close
  • Fareham Road
  • Forton Rectreation Ground
  • Gorselands Way
  • Green Crescent
  • Long Drive
  • Pettycott Crescent
  • Privett Gardens
  • Privett Park
  • Rectory Copse
  • Skipper Way
  • Stoners Close
  • The Anchorage and Chester Courts
  • The Spinney
  • Tichbourne Way
  • Tukes Avenue
  • Wych Lane


Wildflowers - Lee Rec to Fell Drive
Wildflowers - Lee Rec
Wildflowers - Megson Park
Wildflowers - Gopsport Park

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