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Falkland Gardens

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Falkland gardens 2021

The Falkland Gardens is situated at the eastern end of Gosport High Street with fantastic views over Portsmouth Harbour and is a gateway entrance to Gosport as the home of the Gosport Ferry.

The Gardens and The Esplanade were originally built using funds supplied from Central Government in 1922 for the purpose of public works to get labourers out of unemployment.  The location was originally a cobbled hard and the land had to be reclaimed to raise it above the tidal levels in Portsmouth Harbour.

In 1924, the Gardens were completed and was know as 'Harvey's Promenade' after a local Councillor.  The Gardens were a place where people could get some sea air, admire the flowers and watch the traffic passing to and from the Harbour or catch the ferry to Portsmouth.  Later the Gardens became known as the 'Ferry Gardens', a more appropriate title given that traditionally transport over the water to Portsmouth has been in this location since the time of Queen Elizabeth I.

The Gardens continued pretty much unchanged even when their name changed in 1984 to 'Falkland Gardens' to mark the role of Gosport in the Falklands Campaign, officially being renamed by, the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

In May 2000, a three million pound redesign of the entire Esplanade area was completed, this included the new 'Time Space' feature along with the new promenade and a new look for the Gardens.  This redesign has won a number of Landscape Awards.

The Gardens as they are today consist of flower beds for traditional Victorian bedding schemes, two carpet beds (that are redesigned each year to celebrate notable anniversaries), shrub beds and seating.  Given the changes to Gosport and the Gardens over the years, the central purpose of the Gardens has not changed since 1922, to get some sea air, admire the flowers, watch the boats come and go from the Harbour and catch the Ferry.

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