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Gosport Borough - A Fairtrade Community


What is Fairtrade?
Fairtrade works with farming co-operatives, businesses and governments to make trade fair.
Together with Fairtrade farmers and workers we have a vision: a world in which trade is based on fairness so that producers earn secure and sustainable livelihoods.
Fairtrade has a network of dedicated supporters who help to raise awareness of the issues of unfair trade and fundraise to support us in our work.

Choose the World You Want. Choose Fairtrade

Gosport Fairtrade Action Group (GFA)
Gosport Fairtrade Action are a group of volunteers that have been meeting since 2006 to promote Fairtrade in our Community. Members come from a range of voluntary organisations, schools, youth organisations, businesses, various political parties and religious groups. The GFA works closely with Gosport Borough Council to work towards 5 Goals needed to achieve our Fairtrade Community Status.

GFA aims to promote Fairtrade to all sectors of the community by:

  • organising events in Fairtrade Fortnight, involving, where possible, a Fairtrade farmer or producer
  • taking part in local events through the year, including selling Fairtrade products;
  • offering tastings to introduce Fairtrade products to new audiences
  • offering fun ways of finding out more about Fairtrade;
  • working with groups in Gosport to explain why Fairtrade matters and how people can introduce Fairtrade to their:
    • schools and colleges 
    • businesses
    • places of worship
    • voluntary organisations,

Where can I buy Fairtrade Products?
All of the large supermarkets in Gosport Borough stock a range of Fairtrade certified products. The Coop has a wide range (including the widest selection of Fairtrade wines of any supermarket in the Borough) and is a longstanding champion of Fairtrade. All of Waitrose and Partners' own brand tea, coffee and chocolate confectionary is Fairtrade. Corner shops too have some Fairtrade products from chocolate to ice cream.

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