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Exceptional Hardship Payment

Exceptional Hardship Payments (EHP) provide customers with financial assistance when the Council thinks that additional help with Council Tax is needed.

EHP awards are expected to be short term awards to overcome temporary situations, and to give customers time to seek assistance to resolve their financial difficulties. Whether an award of EHP is made, how much it is for and for how long it is paid will be a decision for the Council and will depend on an individual's circumstances. Each case is treated on its own merits.

Who can claim EHPs?

A person must be currently entitled to LCTS and be deemed to be suffering exceptional hardship, as mentioned above.

What information do I need to provide?

As part of the EHP application you may be asked to provide further information, which we will contact you about if this applies to you. This could include recent bank statements and Universal Credit award details.

***Please ensure that the form is completed in full, with an e-mail address and telephone number so that we can contact you if further information is required***

Exceptional Hardship Payment form

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