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Support with Money, Debt & Mental Wellbeing

Household Support Fund (HSF) 2023/24 - Tranche 4 

There were two elements of limited funding that we received from Hampshire County Council via the Household Support Fund for the period up to 31 March 2024.

1) HSF - Supermarket Vouchers 

This element of the HSF was to support households with food costs. All funds have been distributed to eligible recipients in the form of a supermarket voucher. No further vouchers will be issued as funds for 23/24 have been exhausted.

2) HSF - Exceptional Housing Costs

This element of the HSF is to provide short-term support to vulnerable households in the most need; those experiencing exceptional financial hardship with essential household related costs where existing support from Housing Benefit, Universal Credit (Housing Element) and Discretionary Housing Payments do not meet the exceptional need. 

The application process for Exceptional Housing Costs closed 31 January 2024.
Notifications of awards and payments were made by  31 March 2024

Please note that we are expecting the HSF to be extended for April to September 2024, for which details are yet to released. If you are experiencing exceptional circumstances or exceptional financial hardship, please read our section on Discretionary Payments.

Last updated 04/04/2024


Council Tax Support Fund 2023-24

About the fund

Gosport Borough Council has been allocated a limited amount funding to support households with Council Tax increases for 2023-24. It applies to both working age and pension age households receiving Council Tax Support (CTS) during 2023-24.

The Council Tax Support Fund is divided into two distinct elements as follows:-

  • The minimum reduction in Council Tax liability of £25 for all taxpayers who are in receipt of Council Tax Support: and
  • Discretionary support

Gosport Borough Council is using the funding to provide the government reduction of £25, plus an additional discretionary local reduction of £8, giving a maximum total reduction of £33.

If you qualify for the grant we will award it automatically and you will receive an updated council tax bill. The grant shows on your bill as 'Council Tax Support Fund'.


  • Where a taxpayer's liability for 2023-24 is less than £33 (after CTS, discounts and reliefs are applied) then their liability will be reduced to nil. 
  • Where a taxpayer's liability for 2023-24 is nil, no reduction to the council tax bill will be available.  

Should the funding be exhausted, the policy of the Council will be to cease any further reductions in liability. Where this occurs, any tax payer may Exceptional Hardship Payment under the Council's existing Exceptional Hardship Policy 2023-24 (PDF) [324KB] ; with each case being considered on its own merits in line with the legislation. Any reduction in liability under this policy shall apply for the 2023-24 financial year only.

Last updated 09/01/24

Cost of living and money worries

For information and advice about the Help for Households including food, money worries and mental health.

Connect To Support

The Connect to Support website is to help you to stay independent for longer by providing you with resources to look after yourself, stay safe and connected with your local community.

Get more information about money matters here

Help with Housing Costs (rent and council tax)

If you are struggling to pay your rent or council tax, you need to check if you are entitled to some financial help. You may be able to get Universal Credit, Local Council Tax Support or in some cases Housing Benefit. 

You can use the Benefit Calculator to help you find out what you can claim.



Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing Hampshire is a partnership of organisations working to support good mental health and wellbeing in our communities.

There are benefits for everyone if we stay fit and healthy. Healthy people generally have a better quality of life, more independence, are able to make their own choices, and take an active part in their community.

Hampshire County Council's strategy outlines how we want to deliver improved health and wellbeing outcomes for everyone in Hampshire, driven by individual choice and with less dependency on health and social care provision. 




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