Management arrangements at Stoke Bay Mobile Home Park

The management of Stokes Bay Mobile Home Park is carried out by:

Private Sector Housing
Portsmouth City Council
Guildhall Square
02392 688369

A member of the Park Home Management Team will be available to meet face to face at the site's office every Tuesday from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Please feel free to drop by and introduce your-self and discuss any issues you may have. If you have any questions outside of these times, then please contact the Park Home Management Team on the above number or email them at

Information for prospective purchasers

1.0 General

1.1 The Park is owned by Gosport Borough Council and Portsmouth City Council for the operation and management of the Park.

1.2 The Park is correctly identified as a mobile home park, which is distinct from a Caravan Park. The correct address of the Home Park is:

Nos 1 - 32 Stokes Bay Home Park, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport, PO12 2QU

Nos 68 - 107 Stokes Bay Home Park, Stokes Bay Road, Gosport, PO12 2QX

The Park is situated at the western end of Stokes Bay very close to the beach.

1. The Park provides plots for fifty-six (56) homes on two sites: the lower site, to the west accommodates thirty-two (32) homes and the upper site, directly opposite, accommodates twenty-four (24) homes.

1.4 Residents own their own homes, together with possessing the right to occupy the plot in perpetuity (providing the resident is not in breach of the Mobile Homes Act [1983]).

1.5 In addition to terms imposed in the Mobile Home Act, usually referred to as Implied Terms, there are also Express Terms, which are rules and regulations imposed on occupiers by the landowner (The Council) designed to ensure that all residents enjoy peaceful occupation of the park. It is recommended that any purchaser fully understands their obligations by discussing them with the Council.

1.6 All plots have electrical, water and drainage connections. Gas mains are also available - if the home is not connected this can be arranged by making application to Transco.

1.7 The Council charges a pitch fee for occupation of the park.  This pitch fee is charged weekly over forty-eight (sometimes forty-nine) weeks of the year.  For 2018/19 this pitch fee is £37.84 per week. In addition the Council will recharge its water and wastewater (sewerage) charges received annually, across all homes over the same payment period.  In 2018/18 this charge is £3.52 per week making a total of £41.36 per week.

1.8 Council Tax will need to be paid by the occupier. Currently all homes are rated in band A.

1.9 The Park has a recognised Resident's Association, details of which can be obtained from the Council.

2.0 Purchasing a Mobile Home

2.1 To obtain a mobile home a prospective occupier has to purchase the home and the right to locate it on the plot from the existing owner.  Letting, sub-letting and lodgers are not permitted as homes have to be occupied by the owner as their main residence.

2.2 Prospective sellers of their mobile homes publicise their intentions in the normal open market way, usually through local estate agents. Prospective buyers can check various property websites as most local agents will publish details online. The Council is not always informed when a home is put on the market.

2.3 The negotiations between seller and purchaser to arrive at an agreed price are private and the Council does not proffer advice in this matter.  The value of mobile homes varies considerably.  The Council, as park owner is entitled to claim up to 10% commission on all sales of homes on the park and currently does so in all cases.

2.4 Prospective purchasers should be aware that it is incumbent on them to understand the terms of the Agreement with the Council and to seek independent legal advice from a solicitor. They should commission an independent survey of both the mobile home and any fence/structures within plot, as the Council will not accept responsibility for any problems which may occur after the Assignment.

2.5 Once the seller and the purchaser have agreed the Council should be informed with all the particulars of the sale. The Council is not authorised to vet a buyer, as this is a private transaction. 

2.6 Once full details have been received, the Council will arrange the legal particulars, which takes the form of an Assignment of the Written Agreement. The buyer will be sent a draft Written Agreement for approval. After 28 days the Assignment can take place, and will be signed by all parties.

2.7 Within five days of occupation the Council will despatch a welcome letter detailing fees and methods of payment.

3.0 Other Information

3.1 Mobile homes can be extended or altered subject to planning approval and can be removed and replaced with new units, subject to the Council's consent.