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Street trading

Depending on the location that you would like to trade from, or how you would like to trade, there are different requirements. 

The Licensing Team issue Street Trading Consents for people who would like to trade in the street in Gosport. All streets in Gosport are "consent streets". This means that to trade in any street requires the consent of the Council.

If you are interesting in trading from Council owned land, you will need to contact our Property Services Team to obtain a concession. 


The cost of a street trader's license is set out in our annual Fees and Charges and range from a Daily Consent Charge to Annual Consent Charge depending on location and the goods sold.

Ways to pay:

By telephone using a credit or debit card; by cheque or postal order; in person at the address shown on the Contact EHS page.


  • Who can give me permission to trade on the street outside of the Borough? The Local Authority in whose district the street is located
  • In which streets can trading take place in the Borough? In Gosport we have resolved to adopt the "consent street" status for all streets the Borough to regulate trading activities. 
  • A "consent street" means a street in which street trading is prohibited without the consent of the Council.
  • "Street" includes any forecourts, roads, footways or other areas adjacent to such streets for a distance of 100 metres and which the public have access without payment.
  • I hold a pedlars certificate from the Police - do I need street trading consent?
  • Pedlars certificates are issued by the Police and are valid for other areas in the county.

How to get more information:

Officers from the Licensing Team are available at the Town Hall 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you are considering applying for a Street Trading Consent and consider that your application will comply with our policy (please see below link to application and policy) then please contact a Licensing Officer to discuss how you can take the matter further.

Street Trading Application, Conditions & Policy (PDF) [258KB]

If you wish to report a problem or a complaint, please Contact EHS.

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