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Gosport Waterfront and Town Centre SPD Summary and Analysis of Consultation Responses

The comments are set out in the order of the Consultation Draft of the SPD with overarching general comments set out at the beginning and a number of other comments set out at the end of the document.  
The first part of the reference number (Ref. No.) in the comments table refers to the respondent number, for example, a reference number beginning with 6 are those from the Meon Ramblers).

The Gosport Waterfront list of respondents and reference numbers (PDF) [196KB]   is available.

The document is split into a number of sections.

Section 0 - Introduction (PDF) [171KB]
Section 1 - Overall comment on the SPD and Vision (PDF) [237KB]
Section 2 - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges Tables with D-S (PDF) [209KB]

Development Strategy 

Section 3 - Theme A Creating an Attractive Townscape and Public Realm (PDF) [153KB]
Section 4 - Theme B Creating employment opportunities (PDF) [208KB]
Section 5 - Theme C Enhancing the Shopping and Leisure Experience (PDF) [161KB]
Section 6 - Theme D Providing New Homes (PDF) [162KB]
Section 7 - Theme E Improving Accessibility (PDF) [324KB]
Section 8 - Theme F Improving Open Space and Green Infrastructure Provision (PDF) [100KB]
Section 9 - Theme G Managing Flood Risk (PDF) [68KB]
Section 10 - Theme H Providing Appropriate Infrastructure (PDF) [69KB]
Section 11 - Theme J Creating A Healthier Town (PDF) [110KB]

Character Areas
Key Opportunities

Section 12 - Gosport Bus Station and Falkland Gardens (PDF) [329KB]
Section 13 - Gosport Waterfront - Area North of Mumby Road (PDF) [149KB]
Section 14 - Royal Clarence Yard and the Retaine Area (PDF) [154KB]
Section 15 - North of the High Street (PDF) [95KB]
Section 16 - High Street (PDF) [215KB]
Section 17 - South Street (PDF) [155KB]
Section 18 - Trinity Green (PDF) [203KB]
Section 19 - Haslar Marina (PDF) [101KB]
Section 20 - Gosport Lines (PDF) [116KB]
Section 21 - Implementation (PDF) [83KB]
Section 22 - Other Comments (PDF) [226KB]

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