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Gosport Waterfront and Town Centre SPD

Gosport Waterfront SPD

Gosport Borough Council has adopted the Gosport Waterfront and Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document (PDF) [13MB]  which sets out the Council's aspirations for the area and includes key development considerations.

It was adopted at the Economic Development Board on the 14th March 2018 and the  Adoption Statement (PDF) [20KB] is available to view.

The SPD is supported and informed by a number of Background Papers.

Copies of the SPD, background papers, statement of consultation and adoption statement are also available at the Town Hall (Third Floor reception) as well as Libraries in Gosport.

The Council would very much like to thank all those that have submitted views and comments regarding the proposals set out in the document.  Please note that individual proposals in the SPD will be subject to additional public consultation.

Gosport Waterfront SPD 2

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