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Rateable Value and the Transition Scheme

Rateable Values are assessed by the Valuation Office Agency. The council has no power to change your Rateable Value, so if you disagree with the assessment, you must follow the advice on the Valuation Office Agency website.   Rateable Value Details

If your RV has changed a lot because of the government's Revaluation, there might be a cap on the increase or decrease. This helps to introduce the change gradually over a period of several years. The support works by limiting the percentage increase each year. To help pay for this, there is also a limit on bills being reduced, where Rateable Value has gone down. 

Some properties will not reach their full increase or decrease within five years, at which point the next Revaluation is due, and Rateable Values could change again.

It will appear on your bill automatically as transitional relief or transitional restriction; there is no need to apply.

If your RV has gone up, the following limits on yearly increases apply.

If your RV has gone down, the following limits on yearly decreases apply.

Year  Small property  Medium property Large property
  (RV up to £20,000) (RV £20,001 - £100,000) (RV over £100,000)
 2017-18 5% 12.5% 42%
 2018-19 7.5% 17.5% 32%
 2019-20 10% 20% 49%
 2020-21 15% 25% 16%
 2021-22 15% 25% 6%



 Year Small property Medium property Large property
  (RV up to £20,000) (RV £20,001 - £100,000) (RV over £100,000)
 2017-18 20% 10% 4.1%
 2018-19 30% 15% 4.6%
 2019-20 35% 20% 5.9%
 2020-21 55% 25% 5.8%
 2021-22 55% 25% 4.8%


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