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FloodSax - The Modern Sandbag

Certain areas in the Gosport Borough district may be at risk from flooding from time to time in certain weather or tidal conditions.  Gosport Borough Council is offering residents and local businesses the opportunity to buy new-technology FloodSax┬«, at discounted prices, to help them protect their homes and property in a flooding emergency.

If you would like to know whether your Home or Business is in or near a Flood Risk Area please click on the following link:

 - EnvironmentAgency Flood  Maps for tidal and fluvial (river) flooding.

The Council has evaluated the FloodSax┬« product and has recently purchased a stock of Floodsax to help protect its own property and to deal with general flooding emergencies in the Borough.  FloodSax have many advantages over traditional sandbags, being easy to store and move, easy to use and, importantly, easy on the environment, having a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Should disaster threaten to strike, in a home or business environment, FloodSax can be quickly brought out of store and when they are immersed in water they inflate and form a barrier to prevent water entering property.

FloodSax can be purchased by the public online direct from the FloodSax┬« website:

Residents and businesses in Gosport can benefit from a 15% discount on their order when they purchase online from FloodSax and enter the promotional code "PR4AKFN".

If you require further information about FloodSax and/or this special offer contact Graeme Jesty, Emergency Planning Officer on 023 9254 5305 or by email at

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