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What will the Council do?

The Council has a small Emergency Management Team that focuses on the response of this Authority.

Emergency plans exist for a variety of organisations. The Emergency Management Team co-ordinates the Council's response and prepares and writes its own plans. This work ensures that our response integrates with that of all other relevant agencies, such as the emergency services, neighbouring local authorities, the NHS, public utilities and voluntary agencies. This is achieved through routine liaison, training and exercising.

This Council would operate a central emergency control room which is suitably equipped and in the event of an incident will be staffed by trained officers. This room controls and co-ordinates the entire Council's response.

In brief this Authority will:

  • support the Emergency Services in preserving life and property
  • provide support and care for the community
  • help to minimise the effects of the incident
  • take the lead role on the restoration of the community and environment.

To assist in achieving this, the Council will provide:

  • Equipment and machinery (JCBs, transport, pumps, portaloos, temporary lighting etc).
  • People (specialist and manual workers).
  • Materials (aggregate, wood, fuel, weatherproofing etc).
  • Facilities (buildings for Emergency Reception Resc Centres).

The Emergency Management Team works closely with Emergency Planning - Hampshire County Council

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