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Allotment gardens and spaces to grow food are an important part of the green space and leisure provision. They offer people the opportunity to strengthen their communities, achieve more sustainable lifestyles and maintain a better quality of life.

Growing your own food delivers many benefits, the most recognised of these is the provision of a better diet which in turn helps create an improved level of physical and mental wellbeing. In addition, food grown on allotment gardens can act as a good resource for learning new skills, a better environment for wildlife and a place for increased social connectivity.

Gosport has 10 allotment sites in locations within the Borough. So, wherever you live in Gosport, an allotment site should not be far away.

Applying for an allotment:

View allotment locations on the above map, click on the flower icon and discover allotment locations, number of plots etc. You can choose to apply for one site that you are interested in.

When you apply for an allotment you will be added to the waiting list for your chosen site. When you reach the top of the waiting list, you will be contacted to view a plot when one becomes available. If no reply is received from you within 14 days, it will be understood that you are no longer interested in allotment gardening.  Your details will be removed from all waiting lists.

The chart below will give you an indication of how long you may be waiting for a plot. 

Information correct as of the 4th December 2023

LocationDate of longest waiting customer
BrockhurstAugust 2023
CamdenSeptember 2023
ElsonJanuary 2022
Lee on the SolentMarch 2021
Leesland ParkJanuary 2021
MiddlecroftNovember 2023
Park RoadOctober 2020
RownerJanuary 2023
Tukes AvenueMay 2023
Wych LaneJanuary 2021

Allotment rental fees from January to December 

The cost to rent a site depends on the size of the plot.                                                                        The average standard plot is 5 rods (1 square rod is approx 25.29m2), costing around £32.50 a year.

Invoices are sent out to all existing Tenants at the beginning of each year. 

Who can apply

Gosport Borough Council provide allotments for local people to grow their own fruit and vegetables. Our allotments are for use by residents who are over the age of 18, living within the Borough of Gosport.

Additional Information

  • Enquiries can be made direct to Gosport Borough Council on 08000 198598 or e-mail 
  • Skips are provided twice per year in October and March
  • Bonfires are permitted October - March between the hours of 16:00 and 21:30
  • If you identify any maintenance or repair issues please report them to allotments here using the online form or by e-mail and we will endeavour to address them.


Where plots that have become noticeably overgrown are identified, the tenants will be contacted by e-mail or letter.

If you have not been able to visit your plot for any reason, please contact allotments here using the online form or by e-mail

Every effort must be taken to recycle as much waste from the Allotment as possible.

Allotments Terms and Conditions (PDF) [420KB]

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