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Anns Hill Cemetery


Please note that as of 1April 2017 Anns Hill Cemetery closing time has changed from 8.00 PM to 7.30 PM April to October to coincide with operational duties and to provide support to lone-workers.





OPEN:  No Later than     9.00 AM.

CLOSE: No earlier than  4.00 PM.




OPEN: No Later than       9.00 AM.

CLOSE: No earlier than   7.30 PM.

Tel: (023) 9254 5423

Email: streetscene.cemetery@gosport.gov.uk




Cemetery Chapel


Ann's Hill Cemetery has two chapels, one of which is no longer in use to the Public.


The Chapel is available for funeral services subject to a fee and is arranged via your Funeral Director.


Music is available upon request, arranged through your Funeral Director.




Grave Maintenance


Following a burial the Council will ensure that the grave is regularly topped up and allowed to settle before turfing (approximately 12 months).  The grave is automatically included within the next appropriate turf program.





Grass Cutting


The Cemetery is cut 13 times per year subject to weather conditions.  Periods of heavy rain can delay the cutting and often at times such as early Summer when growth is at its fastest.  Also milder conditions cause a flush of grass early Spring, as a result more arisings remain in situ after the cut.




Restricted Mowing


Complaints about maintenance are received.  This is because mowing in some areas is restricted where plastic items, DIY edging, posts, chairs and other 'unofficial items' have been placed on or around graves.  Where such items occur, staff avoid the area both to protect the items and themselves from glass/plastic fragments.  These should be removed to assist us in maintaining a high standard of maintenance.





The Cemetery has areas designated to Spring and Summer meadows.  Areas are allowed to grow longer to support a range of flora and fauna as such to create additional interest for visitors.  For more information please contact the Cemetery Office.


Cemetery Regulations


Regulations are in operation in the Cemetery some of which are included on this page.  A full copy can be made available upon request.



Access to Graves


Cemeteries are places where burials take place continually either new or re-opened.  For your information a grave next to 'yours' might need to be excavated in the future.  The standard practice (throughout the Country) is to carefully cover the adjacent area to protect it.  This may prevent you from visiting your grave for a short period.  After the Funeral, the adjacent grave is backfilled and the soil is removed.  Staff will leave the area tidy.  The same procedure will apply if your grave needs to be re-opened.



Memorial Safety


The Council confirms that holders of the Grant of Right are responsible for safety of their memorial.  The Council recommends that memorials installed have at least a five year warranty.


The Council undertakes Safety Audits of all memorials and endeavour to contact owners as soon as possible should it be deemed a memorial is unsafe. 



Services Available:



Genealogists are welcome and assistance will be given in the record search for which a fee is charged.



Visits by individuals or groups are undertaken which cover geography and historical issues of interest with the Cemetery for which a fee is charged.


Commemorative Seats

The Cemetery no longer has space that can be used for this purpose. 


Cemetery Friends


The Council is aware that issues arising can be emotive and to assist us we would welcome members of the public who would be interested in serving on such a group.  Please contact the Cemetery Office.



Our Pledge to You


Opening and closing times will be prompt.  The staff closing the Cemetery will patrol the grounds and advise you of their intention to lock the gates giving you adequate time to vacate the Cemetery.


The Council will take action regarding any acts of vandalism reported by the Public, either to the Cemetery Office or the Police.  Your assistance in this would be appreciated.


Should you have a query or complaint, please contact the Cemetery Office and we will take action to resolve the difficulty or provide an answer.


If the Cemetery Officer is closed and you leave a message on the answerphone, we will endeavour to return your call within two working days, or a written reply will be sent within ten working days.

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