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Commemorative Bench Seats

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Gosport Borough Council provide a service in which customers may fund a commemorative bench seat in memory of their loved one.

Commemorative benches can be purchased at Lee on the Solent Promenade or in a Gosport Borough Council owned park or open space (subject to approval).

Due to the popularity of commemorative bench seats at Stokes Bay Promenade and Lee on the Solent Cliff Land, the Council are unable to accept any new requests for these locations.

Due to the current level of demand for commemorative bench seats Streetscene have undertaken a review of the service, which highlighted the need for a more stringent procedure with the amount of available space being a premium particularly along seafront locations.

New Customers

The fee covers the purchase, delivery and installation of the seat and plaque and a contribution towards the ongoing repair and maintenance. Fees are reviewed annually, but may be subject to change at any time.

To apply for a Commemorative Bench Seat please contact Streetscene on 0800 0198 598 or whereby the customer will be provided with an application form to complete and return.

On receipt of the application form the customer may be placed on a waiting list should this apply for their chosen location, otherwise the Officer shall contact the applicant to agree on the location of the commemorative bench seat and arrange for the purchase and installation. At this time a full copy of the Commemorative Bench Seat Policy will be provided.

It can take up to 12 weeks for a bench and plaque to be delivered and installed.

On provision and installation the bench and plaque will fall into the ownership of Gosport Borough Council who will undertake an annual condition survey and carry out or programme any routine maintenance and repairs that may be required with a view to prolonging the serviceable life of the bench.

All flowers / wreaths must be placed in a manner so as not to hinder the safe use of the bench seat by others.

No artificial materials which may cause environmental damage i.e. plastics, cellophane wrappings etc are to be placed on or around the bench seat.

No additional items such as artificial wreaths, vases, ornaments, pictures or other mementos shall be permitted on or around the bench seat and will be removed with immediate effect without notice.


Additional Plaques

Additional plaques must be authorised, arranged and installed by the Council and affixed in a symmetrical manner.

Placement of additional plaques must be arranged by or in memory of the original applicant.

Please contact Streetscene on 0800 0198 598 or to arrange the purchase of an additional plaque.


Plaque on existing bench

Please contact Streetscene on 0800 0198 598 or to enquire about purchasing a plaque for an existing bench.


Fees(current fees subject to change throughout the year as based on supplier costs)

  • Lee on the Solent Promenade - £803.57
  • Park or open space - Price on application
  • Additional plaque - £82.50
  • Plaque on an existing bench - £192.50


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