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Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Firework display
The Gosport Safety Advisory Group advises on safety aspects for public events that are planned to take place in the Gosport Borough Council area.


The membership of the Gosport Safety Advisory Group (SAG) comprises senior officers from various agencies operating in the Borough of Gosport, including the emergency services (Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Maritime Coastguard Agency, South Central Ambulance Service). Hampshire County Council (Emergency Planning, Highways) and Gosport Borough Council Services (Traffic Management, Building Control, Environmental Health, Legal, Licensing and Emergency Planning) . The Group is chaired by the Gosport Borough Council's Emergency Planning Officer. The terms of reference for the Group and a summary of the individual roles of its members is published in the Gosport SAG Protocol - pdf document


When dealing with operational issues the Chair of the Group may also invite to a Meeting, persons who can contribute to the discussion e.g. event organiser, licence holder, Civil Contingencies Unit, public transport providers, town centre manager, Primary Care Trust.


What sort of events does Gosport SAG consider?


In general, "large scale public event" will be treated as being an event where more than 300 people are expected to attend, although smaller events may require the involvement of the SAG depending on the event.


When planning an event involving > 10,000 people a minimum of 6 months notice to SAG should be provided.  For an event involving between 300 - 10,000 people a minimum of 3 months notice should be provided.


Usually an event held outdoors, possibly with marquees or other temporary buildings. Typical examples of events would include: 


  • Fetes, fairs etc.

  • Open air concerts and music festivals.

  • Trade shows.

  • Sporting events.

  • Horse shows, agricultural shows, dog shows car, caravan shows and similar.

  • Open air entertainment including theatre, opera and historic re-enactments.

  • Firework displays.

  • Large scale company parties.

  • Processions, marches and carnivals.

  • Street parties.

  • Religious events.


In exceptional circumstances Gosport SAG may consider an event with unusual hazards or risks held inside a building. If you need further information about the work of Gosport SAG please telephone: (023) 9254 5305.


Information on how to notify SAG of a planned event and where necessary seek the various permissions 


Gosport SAG's main objectives are:

  • To promote high levels of safety and welfare at events by giving advice and guidance;

  • To promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events; and

  • To ensure events cause minimal adverse impact to the community.


The Group meets regularly to jointly consider forthcoming events and to give advice to organisers. In this way, all the agencies can consider the implications and ensure that there are sufficient resources available should there be an incident for which they are required.


Local events in around the Gosport area.


In the event of an emergency occurring during the course of the event, the Emergency Services should be contacted immediately as for any other incident which might involve damage or injury to life or property.

On receipt of an Event Notification Form, should any agency require more information or clarification concerning an event it will make contact with the Event Organiser or nominated contact within a period of 4 weeks. If food vendors are to be on site during an event Environmental Health staff will normally make contact about 2 weeks before to ascertain which vendors will be present.

SPECIAL NOTE: Gosport SAG is not responsible for giving permission to use Council land or granting licenses for events. If any organisation or community group wishes to use any park or open space that is owned/managed by the Council they should request permission and obtain approval from the following:

Leisure Land - Christine Threlfall, Admin. Assistant, Economic Prosperity, Tourism and Culture. Telephone 023 9254 5425 or email christine.threlfall@gosport.gov.uk

Housing Land - Emma Jacobs, Asset Management Officer, Housing. Tel 023 9254 5370 or email emma.jacobs@gosport.gov.uk

Where a licence is required an application must be submitted separately to the licensing authority licensing@gosport.gov.uk.

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