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Local Land Charge Service

What is a Local Land Charges search?


For searches submitted and returned electronically (or submitted in paper form but returned electronically):

Up to 31 December 2018

Basic search fee (LLC1 and Con29R) £136.40
LLC1 only £26.00
Con29R only


From 1 January 2019

Basic search fee (LLC1 and Con29R)
LLC1 only
Con29R only

For searches submitted and returned in paper form via DX or post:


Up to 31 December 2018

Basic search fee (LLC1 and Con29R) £162.00
LLC1 only £30.00
Con29R only


From 1 January 2019

Basic search fee (LLC1 and Con29R)
LLC1 only
Con29R only

All searches

Optional Con29O enquiries Nos. 4, 21 and 22 - whether for one or all of these enquiries £24.60.

Optional Con29O enquiries excluding Nos. 4, 21 and 22
£8.40 each
Extra parcel
£14.00 (LLC1 £2, Con29 £12)

For a search in any individual part of the Register:


In Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10

£5.00 each

In all other Parts

£2.00 each


Both our emailing service and our online application, will provide you with the means to submit and receive your searches electronically thus avoiding any possible DX or postal delays and reducing paperwork.


In order to benefit from our emailing service you will be required to submit to us via email the official LLC1 and Con29 forms as appropriate together with a good quality plan. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot offer an electronic payment service and therefore payment must be made by cheque, or by telephoning via Gosport Borough Council's switchboard on Tel number 023 9258 4242 where payment can be made by debit/credit card quoting the search address and amount payable. Your search will only be processed once payment has been received. Your search results will be returned via email with accompanying attachments.


Searches submitted via email should be sent to land.charges@gosport.gov.uk.



Average search turnaround time is 5 working days


Searches should be submitted with plans in duplicate.

This Authority does not charge for expediting searches. However, every effort will be made to expedite when specifically requested.


The Drainage Authority for this Borough is Southern Water, DX 400450 CHATHAM 5, Tel. 01634 824100


Copy documents

You may contact us by telephone or in writing, on receipt of any full search (ie. LLC1 and Con29 enquiries), to request free copy documents up to a total of 20 A4 pages (sides). We will only be able to provide copies of registrable Local Land Charges (eg. Section 52/106 Agreements, Conditional Planning Consents, Tree Preservation Orders, S38 Agreements etc.). Should the requested documents total more than 20 pages we will charge for any additional copies at the rate of 20p per A4 side, coloured plans £5.00.


NB. Any fees are payable in advance.



Full address:

Local Land Charges
Town Hall
High Street
PO12 1EB

DX number:

DX 136567

Tel. Numbers:

023 9254 5221

E-mail address: land.charges@gosport.gov.uk


NB. Should you require access to any of the above information in another language or in large print please contact the Land Charges office at Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, PO12 1EB (Tel. 02392 545221) for assistance.



(Amended 2016)


Appointments for personal searches may be made by telephone or in writing.

Contact details: 
By post:- Local Land Charges Section, Gosport Borough Council, Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, Hants, PO12 1EB

By DX:-  Local Land Charges Section, Gosport Borough Council – DX 136567 GOSPORT 2

By telephone:- 023 92 545221

By email:-  land.charges@gosport.gov.uk

Appointments may be booked between 9am and 5pm (last available appointment 4.30pm) and a minimum of 5 working days' notice must be given for all appointments.  A maximum of 4 personal searches may be booked per half-hour appointment although, if available, consecutive appointments may be booked for additional personal search addresses (again to a maximum of 4 per half-hour).

Full property addresses must be provided at all times and plans made available if required.

The Local Land Charges Register is held in electronic format.  All personal searchers are provided either with access to a PC on which they can view the relevant Local Land Charge entries or to a hardcopy document from which they may make notes.  Hardcopies may not be taken away.

All Con29 Enquiries
The enquirer must obtain replies to Con29 search enquiries direct from individual Council Departments.  The enquirer must make separate enquiry of each Department and make any appropriate payment, payable in advance of information being supplied.

Contact details are as follows:-

Local Land Charges:-  Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, Hants, PO12 1EB; Tel. 023 92 545221 or 545388; email at land.charges@gosport.gov.ukRe Local Land Charges Register and Q.3.15 (Free of charge from August 2010)

Building Control:-  Civic Offices, Civic Way, Fareham, Hants, PO16 7AZ; Tel. 01329 824823; email at bcpartnership@fareham.gov.ukRe Q1.1(f, g & h) and 3.8 (upto 1 July 2016)Re Q1.1 (j, k, l) and 3.8 (from 4 July 2016)

Development Management (Planning):-  Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, Hants, PO12 1EB; Tel. 023 92 545483; email at planning@gosport.gov.ukRe Q.3.9 and 3.10(b) (upto 1 July 2016), Re.Q 3.9, 3.10 and 3.11(b) (from 4 July 2016)

Environmental Health:-  Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, Hants, PO12 1EB; Tel. 023 92 545507; email at ehs@gosport.gov.ukRe Q.3.7 and 3.12(b)(i) and (c) (up 1 July 2016), Re. Q 3.7 and 3.13 (a, b & c) (from 4 July 2016)

Local Enquiries (Con29) Search
Free statutory information:

The following information/registers relating to the Local Enquiries (Con29) Search are available free of charge from the Council's Planning Department at the
Town Hall, Gosport:-

Planning Register (Q.1.1(a)-(i))
Local Plan (Q.1.2)

NB.  Planning history information dating back to 1992/93 is also available free of charge on the Council's website (www.gosport.gov.uk).

Information only available from sources other than Gosport Borough Council:

Separate enquiry should be made of Hampshire County Council regarding information/registers for highway matters included in the Local Enquiries (Con29R) Search re Q.2.1, 2.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 e & g, 3.12.  Please contact Highway Land Charges Team, Environment Dept, Hampshire County Council, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UD. (email address:  land.charges@hants.gov.uk).

Radon Gas
Separate enquiry should be made at www.UKradon.org regarding information on radon gas. (Q.3.14)

Building Control
The Building Control Partnership may be contacted via the Civic Offices, Civic Way, Fareham, Hants, PO16 7AZ; Tel. (01329) 824823; email at bcpartnership@fareham.gov.uk.  Information requested direct from the Partnership may incur a charge – details may be obtained from the Partnership.

Copy documents
Copies of documents may be requested.  Advance notice will be required.  The fee for copies is 20p per side.

Any comments, suggestions or complaints about our personal search service should be made in writing to Debbie Gore, Head of Development Management, Gosport Borough Council, Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, PO12 1EB.


The Local Authorities (England)(Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008

In accordance with The Local Authorities (England)(Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008 the Council has estimated its charges for providing access to property records, by taking into account the estimated cost of the Local Land Charge Service and search volumes as follows:-

1.    Estimates of official search requests in 2018/2019:-

  • Official searches – 600

2.    These estimates are based on past and current search request numbers.
3.    For current search charges please see above.

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